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Motivation and Accountability Thread Mar 23-29....change the plan but never the goal >

Motivation and Accountability Thread Mar 23-29....change the plan but never the goal

Motivation and Accountability Thread Mar 23-29....change the plan but never the goal

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Default Motivation and Accountability Thread Mar 23-29....change the plan but never the goal

Good Monday morning Fitdayers. I struggled last week. I'm not sure if it's because my schedule was off with the kids being on Spring break or just boredom in my current plan? Whatever the reason was, I feel more focused again and ready to do my best!

I've been contemplating getting a gym membership again to change things up. I'm pretty well equipped to workout at home, but going back to a gym would give me more variety. Then I start thinking about how much easier it is to workout at home...no lugging my stuff to the gym to shower and get ready for work after my morning workout. Then the cycle starts where I can't make up my mind about what to do. This was where my head was at last week. So yesterday I finally made a decision to order a dvd program to do at home. I'm hoping I'll learn a few new things that I can incorporate into my home workouts. I know I'll inevitably get bored with the new program but it will change things up enough for the time being to keep me going.

This brings me to the motivational quote of the week. "Change the plan but never the goal" . If what you've been doing is growing stale, don't be afraid to change things up. Sometimes boredom in our menus or in our exercise regime can really affect our drive....at least I know that's true for myself. This week, I'm going to try at least 2 new recipes and start a new workout regime to see if that keeps the fire burning brighter. Anybody else find that boredom can throw you off track? Is anyone planning anything new for the week?

Wishing everyone a fantastic week!
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Good morning Everyone

Hi Debbie!!

I survived the weekend!
(And ANOTHER &*^&^&* Snowstorm!)

The change up I would like is sunshine and grass, as opposed to snow up to my ass!!
There is nowhere to walk, I need sun and warmish weather and the boardwalk and open water <sigh>
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Good morning, all!

Hi Debbie,

How are you? So good to see you here.

I can really relate to your post. I started a very healthy plan a month or so ago and then stress derailed me. I was going to start back on it again but I am really tired this morning and really wanted an egg, shiitake mushroom and goat cheese sandwich. I had been doing no bread, no diary. But I had it on sugar free bread and that's it. ( this after binging on Asian food,pizza, etc. last night.)
I can understand what it's like to make a decision to join a gym and then question that decision- I go back and forth on so many things. But I think that doing what you did, choosing something you can work with for now, is a good plan.
For me, small goals: I would like to drink more water. And clean things up bit by bit in my house. I always write these long lists I find hard to maintain. So that's it, my new plan, think smaller: more water, slowly clean house. Baby steps.

Hi Bea! I'm with you! I wanna walk in the sunshine!! Though I really have no right to complain, I was gone most of the winter. Being back: brrrrrrrr. But not here on FD; here it is warm.

Hugs to ya,
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Yes, I need to change things up.

1st and most important change - only buy ice cream that has an allergy warning label on it. That way I won't eat it.

2nd change - Eat like I'm living in the 10th century during the day. With the exception of breakfast which I require certain items to go with my meds.
For a monk that would be one meal a day consisting of a soup similar to the one I made for the weekend. Legumes instead of meat, except on special days, then fish is allowed.

For a Viking that would be two meals a day, consisting of similar foods to a monk's special days.
Since I am writing the monk/Viking story starting April 1, I need to get into the "zone" of the century. Hmmm... maybe I should be writing about firemen or cowboys. Just saying...

In monk mode I will do a lot of outside work. My yard will get cleaned up. I will also get plenty of prayer time. Not to mention chanting.

Once I am in Viking mode, I will get more active pursuits. Hiking to the top of the hill, attacking the villagers, general pillaging and creating mayhem. Lots of working out.

Of course I will translate all of this to modern day activities. I intend to pillage Sears with my credit card and return home with the spoils. A dishwasher. This will leave me more time for diet, exercise, and planning for health.
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(((hug))) (((hug))) (((hug)))

When I first saw the screenname Canary52, I said to myself, could it be??? Then I read the post and saw the signature. It's you! How've you been? Good to see you .
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Good morning, Debbie, Bea and Annette! Didin't mean to slight you folks -- I just got distracted when I saw Hope 'cause I haven't seen her in a few years .

My Strategy for the Week (March 23 - March 29):
  • 7-day Rolling Average calories = 1200-1300:
  • 7-day Rolling Average water/tea, minimum 1500mL:
  • 7-day Rolling Average sodium = 1000-1500:
  • Extra Credit -- 7-day Rolling Average Sat-Fat = under 15g:
  • Extra Credit -- 7-day Rolling Average Fiber = 15g or greater:
  • Extra Credit -- 7-day Rolling Average Net Carbs = under 130 (*NEW!*):
  • Extra Credit -- 7-day Rolling Average Protein = 50-75g:
  • Explore! Try something new or do some nutrition-related research at least 2 times:
Mostly, the list is the same. I added a new line, however. I want to start taking a look at net carbs. For the last few weeks, my Total Carbs have been in the 150 to 170 range, with Net Carbs being about 135. I want to gradually bring this down. The plan is to increase fiber (I'm still struggling with this) while simultaneously decreasing Total Carbs. Tricky, especially when trying to keep sodium and sat-fat low while keeping calories steady.

I think I did pretty well last week (I updated the progress on last week's thread). I'm hoping I will do as well this week. Right now, I see no reason why I can't.
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Originally Posted by episode2011 View Post

(((hug))) (((hug))) (((hug)))

When I first saw the screenname Canary52, I said to myself, could it be??? Then I read the post and saw the signature. It's you! How've you been? Good to see you .
Thank you for this beautiful greeting! Wow! Thank you.

Yes it's me. I'm back. (This is a Robin Williams joke DH and I quote. I think it was of Williams as a politician pretending to pull off a mask revealing himself as Nixon - hmmm loses something in translation I must say.)

How ARE you?

Missed you FD peeps. I must say Annette as a Viking pillaging Sears cracked me up.
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Hi everyone!

Debbie, it's sort of ironic that I work in a gym, but prefer a lot of times to work out at home. Lots of interruptions at gym. Sounds like the new DVD may be just what you need. I took a Pure Barre class when we were getting hit with snow (nothing like Canada) and I had lots of cancellations. OMG--I've been training since 2002, but not like that!

This week I begin a nutrition class as part on my continuing education. (more irony!) I don't know how I'll balance the additional load. Ended up getting out an appt. book that's divided by 15 min. It's helping me (so far) not to drop too many balls.

Annette, love your idea of incorporating your passion with your exercise/nutrition. Talk about keeping things new!

Hope everyone has a great start of this week!
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Happy new week everyone!

HOPE! Hi there!!!

Annette, very interesting approach to get into the mood of the periods you're into. Enjoy your pillaging and monk/viking menus.

Hi, Epi,

Beth, If you learn something new and interesting in your nutrition class, please share.

Bea, I hope you get your warmer weather soon!

Not a great start to my week today, but not completely horrible. My goal is still the same...to not focus so much on the numbers, but to try to acquire better habits and better decision making skills when it comes to when, what, and how much I eat.

My big beast of the week, though....trying to get off regular coke and try water. I went from 2 6 packs a day of mountain dew to 1.5 liters/day of Sprite Zero. Then I tried Crystal Light, then I went to water. But the water didn't last long. Then I got hooked again on regular soda. Just like being addicted to smoking or alcohol, when you have one the cycle starts all over again. Ever since I stopped smoking I frequently (at least a couple x's a week) dream that I'm smoking, taking veerrrry long drags and enjoying the sensation of it, then when I wake up I don't crave it at all. Maybe if I stop the soda I can dream about it with a cigarette in one hand and a thirst buster in the other and be satisfied when I wake up. lol

Hope everyone has a really good week!

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Midnight. Wide awake as usual. This is the danger zone because I want to eat everything. I'm asking myself the following questions:
  • Am I bored?
  • Am I anxious?
  • Am I thirsty?
  • Am I depressed?
  • Or am I truly hungry?
The answer is all but the last one. No, I'm not truly hungry but I am so fighting the urge to go down and eat eat eat. Was thinking peanut butter and celery...multiple peanut butter and celery. Then I was thinking, "I wonder if Nutella and celery would be good?" I'm thinking a Poptart sounds gourmet right about now. I could dig in to the loaf of French bread down there. ugh. Please, brain, stop obsessing over food!!!
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