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Motivational Thread, August 25-31 - Let's finish August Strong!! >

Motivational Thread, August 25-31 - Let's finish August Strong!!

Motivational Thread, August 25-31 - Let's finish August Strong!!

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Default Motivational Thread, August 25-31 - Let's finish August Strong!!

Hi ladies!

I don't have time for anything but a quick starter with goals, but I'm here to finish out the month strong! I've joined Bea, Libby and Debbie in taking on the challenge to post my daily weight. I know there will be water fluctuation (always is) and my hormones are probably still going crazy, but perhaps talking about it daily might help? Who knows. So that will be one of my goals. I didn't post over the weekend simply due to busy-ness, but I will try not to do that again.

I did take some time this morning while eating breakfast to go over my old logs when I was losing consistently and look for any patterns I'm not following now. A big one that popped out at me was DAIRY. I did not eat a ton of it when I was losing consistently. I am not lactose intolerant (heavy creams will sometimes give me a bad stomach, though) but I do know that dairy can cause bloat and other bad things, and maybe I suffer from this. So I am going to try to think about my dairy intake. It's a difficult one for me because I LOVE cheese and such, but obviously not impossible, because I did it before.

In life news - classes start today! Here come the fresh-eyed freshmen and the anxious seniors!

Weekly Goals
1) Water intake 64 oz+ daily (post number)
2) Calories, post daily numbers and weekly averages. Aiming for under 1500 daily and weekly
3) Workout cardio MWF
4) Workout strength 1-2x (pick a day that looks good)
5) Weigh in DAILY and post on the daily thread
6) Eat mindfully (while I'm posting calories too, this goal really got to me when I had it, so I'm bringing it back!)
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Good Morning Everyone!

And hi from vacation land

On vacation for 2 weeks at home.. PEI Beaches are the bees knees though, so it will be great. But first, dental appointment today and eyes tested tomorrow. I will be a new woman! (Especially when I can see again)

My goal is to be well into the low 270's for my trip on Sept 12th (I can aim for the stars right?) That is pretty undoable, but I can certainly set the target and push to get close....Kinda like a game of horseshoes

If I don't set something tough, I won't work as hard at it, I have learned that much about myself

Have a great week everyone!
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Terri, welcome back to school!!
Bea, wow 2 wks to just be relaxing at home..I'm jealous

Anybody use any of those fitbit or nike plus wt loss bands.... I'm wanting something like.... what are your suggestions...

What about pedometers that fit better on your waist..the kind I have scratches me and leaves bruises when it hit my skins...
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Good morning all! Ready for another week? I did some food prep yesterday, so I feel ready to make it a good week! I've been aiming to follow the 21 Day Fix food plan. I really do like it because I don't have to count calories so it sort of takes the pressure off in a way.

I'm in my last week of holidays (Welcome to vacation land Bea ). We're finally making it to the water park today. We've been meaning to go but the weather hasn't been the greatest. The kids have no idea where we are going so I can't wait to see their faces when they see this huge park!!! It's going to cost a fortune to get in (these things are always over priced in my opinion!) but will keep cost down by packing our own food. This way I can easily eat on track as well! Now I just hope I don't run into anyone I know since I'm still not feeling my best in a bathing suit

Bea - So glad to see you back!! You're missed when you're taking a posting break. Are you still enjoying your new bike? I couldn't agree more about setting big goals! Go big or go home right?!?! LOL!! I'll be here cheering you on!! Love this quote:

Terri - Interesting about the dairy thing. I'll be interested to see if you reduce dairy, if it gets the scale moving in for you. Enjoy the first day of classes!

Becca - I use a Polar heart rate monitor when I workout so I know how many calories I'm burning. I've never tried anything like a fitbit, but a friend of mine uses one and she loves it!

My weekly goals are simple, follow the 21 Day Fix eating plan, exercise daily (I'm giving myself a free pass today since we'll be away all day), drink 64-80 oz. of water daily, weigh in and post daily in the new thread.

Have an awesome day all! I'll check back in later.

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Hi all. My chicken dish was very salty and I am retaining water today. I will not use that recipe again. Live and learn. There is still room for more every day weighers on the new thread. Come and join us.
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Good morning all. Wow, hard to believe it's the end of August, where has the summer gone?

1. Eat more fruits and veggies (at least 4 a day)
2. Keep within carb limit (40 per meal plus snacks)
3. Drink 6 glasses of water
Been slacking off on this one
4. Weigh on fri and post

Personal goals
1. Empty guest room closet
2. Write
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Well, my neighbour commented that I look like I've lost weight. That's something, even if I don't feel like I have.

I weighed this morning and lost another .4 since Friday.

Here goes for my week ahead.

New checklist:
1. Write a wedding scene for my story (still haven't gotten this started, but I have the venue, the color scheme, and the cake topper)
2. I see the cardiologist on Wednesday
3. The company I hired to do our lawn are coming this week
4. Print fliers, calendar, and pamphlets for our Kid's program
Things that come naturally but I need to watch:
1. Water intake
2. Sodium intake (especially this week because I have a couple of difficult menu plans)
1. Walk (I didn't walk enough last week, so I need to intensify my effort to wake up and get out there.)
2. Pre plan lunches the night before. If no leftovers, soak beans for a bean dish.
I went shopping yesterday afternoon, so I am prepared for my week of menus.
Monday— Chicken Quesadillas with fresh cut vegetables. For my husband I will make up a hot potato salad.
Tuesday—Beef, horseradish, Yorkshire pudding, boiled potatoes, carrots, turnip
Wednesday— Crock pot sweet and sour pork, chowmein (I have to sprout my mung beans asap)
Thursday—Fish, pasta, roasted broccoli, carrot, onion
Friday— Chicken stew with carrot dumplings
Saturday—Mexican Beef Casserole, rice
Sunday— Coated Fish with oven fries and homemade coleslaw
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Morning All,

Last week I stuck to my plan of walking, walked 2 nights, did low-impact aerobics 2 nights. Also did a lot of housework Sat & Sun…took down window blinds, cleaned them, laundry, vacuum, painted windowsills and, moved furniture.

Weighed myself, but the scale gave me 4 different numbers each time, I will weigh myself again end of this week. Clothes feel looser and I do feel like I lost a few pounds, but I don't want to be a slave to the scale and numbers.

Planning to continue to eat healthy this week and do low impact aerobics...temp are in the high 80's & 90's this week...walking is on hold until cooler temps.

Good Luck to everyone one this week.
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Wow, I have never been so full on so few calories before.
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We had an awesome day at the water park!! The kids faces were priceless when they saw the big slides!! I told them we were going to a splash pad. They were in the back seat complaining and wondering when we would get to our destination. They were saying 'Mom, do you even know where we're going?!?!' I would reply 'someone told me there was a nice splash pad around here somewhere!'. We passed a mini golf place that had some water fountains. My son said that must be what we're looking for. I said we'd drive a little more and if we didn't see anything we'd turn around and go back to the mini golf place. As soon as we saw the first big slide, my daughter gasped, pointed and squealed! I said, nope this isn't what we're looking for, better turn around and go back to the mini golf place! Here eyes were huge! She said 'Well since we're here can we just stay here!!' I turned around and told her I was just teasing them and that this was our destination all along! They were so happy! What a fun day! I had a feeling it would be awesome!

I did well with food since I preplanned and packed for our day out. I did sneak a few goldfish crackers with my snack (damn those things are addictive!!) and had a small bowl of air popped popcorn this evening, but otherwise I stayed on track. I didn't get in as much water as intended since the line ups at the bathrooms were huge so I did my best to avoid that! All in all a good day, but I may be up a little tomorrow since I didn't get in as much water as needed.

Another quiet week! Where oh where is everyone!?!?!?!
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