Did you ever wonder...

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Default Did you ever wonder...

Why you can go days with good eating and exercise and the scale doesn't budge for days. Very depressing... Then all of sudden the scale reads 2 lbs lighter. I mean I weight myself pretty much every day at the same time in the AM just before I get in the shower.

I think I have a decent quality scale. Weird how that happens. What could cause huge fluctuation like that? It can't be water.
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That's why you have to just keep on keepin' on - it's worse when you have been 'good' and the scale shows you're up a pound!
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Happens to me too, reasons unknown, still when I'm "really good", that is, really hungry all the day, the scale numbers do go down
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Funny I just posted my complaint about that happening to me this week then I ready your thread. I also find that hunger sometimes indicates I'll have a loss the next morning. I do find I gain at the full moon so I never panic about that couple pounds - it goes away just as fast. The week or two with no loss when I have been on plan are frustrating however I have been rewarded enough times with a quick loss at the end of that holding period.

Keep on Keeping on is good advise.
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I find that I hold sodium like crazy, so if I've had a bad sodium day (Chinese food, or a pre-packaged lunch, or something processed) the scale won't budge for days. I also find that if I only weigh myself a couple of times a week, it helps get rid of those ARGH moments because it's likely the scale won't be the same after a few days.

Plateaus and non-budging scales are beasts, however. My longest plateau was four months and it was awful. Just keep on keeping on! You know you're doing the right thing, eventually the scale will reward you.

Find other ways to track, too! Measurements help.
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