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canary52 04-28-2014 11:06 AM

Motivational Thread starting 4/28/14, Spring is here, yes?
OK starting us out cause I'm up early and why not get on the good foot?

1) Plan food and stick to it
2) Stretch every day
3) Drink more water
4) lose the fluffiness
5) Try to get outside, even for a little bit
6) write
7) Meditate
8 Spanish
9) Try to be positive
10) Do something for others, even just a phone call

For me, the oldies but goodies.

And for you?

lildebbieg 04-28-2014 01:18 PM

Good morning all! :) Hope, thanks for getting us started this week! It's nice to see you back! I like to get things started with a motivational quote to think of it during the week to help keep me focused. Today's quote is one I've used in the past, butI think it's good enough to use a second time ;)

Wake up with determintation. Go to sleep with satisfaction.

This week I aim to do just that! Stay on track each and every day so that by the time I'm crawling into bed each night, I know I did all I could do to achieve my goals.

My goals this week:
- daily exercise, aiming to burn 500 calories
- keep calorie intake under 1200
- break this plateau!! This means being under 119 lbs. by Friday!
- clean the oven (so easy to ignore!)

Hope to see more of us posting this week. The more the merrier! I don't know about anyone else, but I find it way more motivating when I don't feel like I'm in this alone. :)

Wishing everyone an awesome week!

canary52 04-28-2014 02:16 PM

Debbie, I love your inspirational quote. I also love your rewards plan.

So full disclosure and possible new goals.
I was in a warm sunny place (FL) for over a month and was in much better health and spirits. Coming home to a place I see I have outgrown, my small boring COLD town, I fell into a terrible funk, physically and mentally, so I have been shoveling food in me to fill a hole. When I was away, I was walking, working hard, looking forward to every day. Now I can barely drag myself out of bed.

My new (additional?) goals or maybe some of the same ones stated more strongly. Every morning I want to:

I just read that Ingmar Bergman told his kids that no matter what time they get up, they should go take a walk and then start working because "the demons hate fresh air." And at least two writing teachers I know of say that a writer should commit to walking every day. I think they say for 20 minutes. Hard to believe that with fibro that's a lot for me but I can DO SOMETHING.


jjrudd 04-28-2014 02:17 PM

Welcome back Hope!! Weighed myself this morning and I lost the weight that I gained last week. Still higher than I wish I was considering all the exercise I did.

GOALS for the week
1. Eat within carb limit
2. 4 servings fruits and veggies (why is this so hard?)
3. 6 glasses of water
4. Exercise 4X 30 min

1. Finish raking back yard
2. Finish cleaning rec room
3. write


libby116 04-28-2014 02:41 PM

Good morning all. Today is a clean slate to write on.

Goals for the week
Exercise: starting with 10 min.
Calories: under 1200
More fruit and veg
Quilt one hour a day
Lose 1 pound

I need to go grocery shopping to get some good food in the house.
Exercise may be slow going but I will try my best.

Mern 04-28-2014 04:21 PM

I have been trying to find something that would serve as motivation to stick with healthful eating and exercise. Everything I've found so far wound up being something I KNOW is very important: for ME (my health, feeling better, etc.); to be around for my family longer; to be able to enjoy more active playing with my grandkids and great-grandkids. I'd make a sincere pledge and then would fall into the trap of allowing myself to believe that just one more day or weekend off the wagon won't hurt. But then after each day off I'd give myself ANOTHER day or weekend off. Well, an opportunity came up for a day trip with friends August 2nd, but it will involve a lot of walking, which I can't do right now because I'm out of shape and would only last maybe 1/4 mile before having to stop to rest my back. So that gives me a deadline of three months and I can't afford to wait one more day to start. I will have to take baby steps, though, to get up to walking 1/2 hour five days a week, but I will start this afternoon and I will stick to it. Also I'd like to be down to 215 by my June 25 weigh in at the doc's office, showing a 10 lb. lost since my last visit in March.

My goals this week:
Log food every day
Average 1500 calories or less per day
Average 25 net carbs per day
Average 200mg dietary cholesterol per day
Average 11% of calories per day as saturated fat
Exercise 5 days for 30 minutes
Water 64 oz.

Hope, it's great to see you here again! Thanks for sharing your story and for starting us off this week. Your goals look great for helping get you out of the funk.

Debbie, I like your simple goals. I need so much to stick with the group to both give and receive support.

Jenn, kudos on losing the weight you gained last week! Best wishes on your goals this week!

Libby, I am SO grateful for the clean slate to write on. I, too, am going to take baby steps on exercise.

Mern 04-28-2014 06:02 PM

Just checking in: finished one mile (in 15 minutes) of aerobic walking DVD. I was surprised I was able to do that much all at once. I vow to finish the other mile sometime today.

canary52 04-28-2014 06:35 PM

Jenn and Mern, you have made positive changes already. Jenn, sorry it's not as much as you wanted but IT WILL BE. Mern, isn't it great when you surprise yourself? And it's great to have a concrete goal, as you do, something to look forward to, a real motivator.

As Libby says, clean slate.

Mern 04-28-2014 08:17 PM

Hope, thanks, as always, for your encouragement. I'm feeling really good about myself today and I hope you will soon find yourself in a happy state of mind as well. Big hug to ya!

Kumochi 04-28-2014 11:39 PM

A new week. I was good at lunch. I had 4 hours to fill out of town between appointments so visited with a friend of over 50 years. She offered me a sandwich for lunch and usually I would have said yes. I asked her for the filling as a salad instead of bread. She was happy to give me that and switched her lunch to what she would of had if I hadn't been there. We both stuck with our food plan. We also went to the driving range. I think the core exercises I have been doing have helped my golf swing.

Mern - my primary motivation is my mobility. I was shocked last year when I went on a trip and could not keep up with people older than me. That was a wake up call for me. I did need some physio to deal with some leg issues but weight loss and exercise are making a big difference. It does come back fairly quickly once we get working at it.

Nice to see you back Hope. I hope you make the adjustment to being back from Florida. It can be hard.

Wishing everyone a great week. Monday has been good for me I'm looking forward to a new 2 year low on Friday.

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