Motivational Thread March 31-April 6

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Default Motivational Thread March 31-April 6

Good morning All. Up early this morning so decided to start. Going to be a gloriously sunny WARM day. Woo hoo.

GOALS for the week
1. stay within carb limit 40g per meal
2. 4 servings fruits/veggies
3. Exercise 4X 30 min

Personal goals
1. write more/stress less

I'm not including water in my goals this week because it has finally become a habit.
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Yes, woo hoo to this nice weather!!! It sure helps with my motivation and energy levels!!

Goals March 31 - April 6:

1. To drink 8+ glasses of water
2. Exercise 4X for at least 30 minutes a time
3. Walk outside at least 4x this week (must enjoy this nice weather!)
4. Eat 4 servings of fruits and vegetables a day
5. Log all my food and cut my caloric intake by 300 calories a day

Have a great week everyone!!!
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Good morning everyone! I, for one, am ready for a great week. How about you?

Jenn, so glad it will be a nice day in your neck of the woods. Good for you on water becoming a habit so it doesn't have to be a goal anymore!

I plan on working on less soda and more water. The lemon in the water is making a giant difference, and yesterday I drank quite a bit. I need to work on staying in my target calorie range of 1200-1400. Trying to keep saturated fats lower. May have to do some drastic things like switch to (ack!) reduced fat cheese and (oh no!) less pork.

Yesterday I had one of my most successful days in quite a while...a little less than calorie range, enough protein and fiber, only 8% sat fats, less carbs than I'm actually supposed to stay around. AND the scale was down to reward me for my good efforts. I'm hoping to keep that momentum going today.

Last night I had a great dinner. 3 oz hot diced chicken, 1.5 Tbsp mayo, 1/4 c shredded cheese, 1/2 c steamed broccoli made into a burrito on a multi grain with flax HG flatout and baked for a few minutes so it got a little crisp (but not too crisp). It was so delicious and filling and satisfying. Definitely going to make the regular rotation.

Hope everyone gets off to a great week today!
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I stopped taking the blood pressure meds on Friday night and the cholesterol meds on Saturday night. The muscle soreness is going away and my head feels a lot better. I am going to eat right and exercise and I hope that that will be enough to lose weight and be well. My weight was 178 this morning down from 181 on Friday, so that is still 10 lbs more than where I was. Has any one else had trouble with their meds?

Goals for the week

Monitor blood pressure
Drink water
Eat more fruit and veg
Exercise 3X
Lose 5 pounds

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Libby, I hope you can feel back to normal and then manage things with diet and exercise. Meds can often hurt in more ways than they help. I've had my share of bad med experiences. Not blood pressure meds, but one I was on made me ravenous and I gained 50 lbs in about 5 months. It also made my hair come out by the handful. Needless to say, I got switched to something else. I've had many more bad experiences with other meds, but I'm sure you don't want to hear the laundry list. I'm glad the soreness is going away and that your head is feeling better. Hopefully that 10 lbs will drop off quickly.
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I am so glad that the weather is getting warmer and the snow is melting. I would like to be able to walk outside again soon. It's going to be a sunny day and that always makes me feel better.
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Good morning my lovely fitday ladies The sun is shining which is a nice way to start the day...yesterday we started the day with a surprise dump of 10 cm of snow! Had a busy weekend and didn't get in my usual amount of exercise. This week, my goal is to get back on track with exercise and do my best with tracking for me this week. Also going to do my best to drink lemon water to help with water retention. I'm always up around 4-5 pounds on Monday from the weekend. It takes nothing for me to retain water! Then I play catch up from Mon-Thurs hoping to see a drop by Friday weigh in. I'm like a dog chasing my tail!!!!

Libby - Are you going to try to manage your high blood pressure through diet and exercise? Is that even possible? Or are you going to talk to your doc and try a different type?

Have an awesome day all!
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At this point I don't know what is possible only that I don't feel well when I am taking the meds. I have done some reading on statin drugs and the side effects are worse than the benefits.
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Sorry if I'm hogging the thread today. I just realized something though. After giving in to temptation and getting another soda this morning while on the road, I thought of an obvious solution. Stop going that route on the way home! All I have to do is drive 1 street down and there are no fast food restaurants at all on the way home. Then I won't be tempted. duh! Why didn't I think of that sooner???
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I'm on the run today--10 and 12 year old grandkids are at my house this week on spring break. But DH took them out to eat, so I have time to catch up with our thread.

Everyone, best wishes on your goals this week!

Mike and Ian--how are you two doing?

Jenn, thanks for starting us out. Good job on water becoming a habit!

Libby, best wishes on your cholesterol and BP management without meds. I'm really lucky--at age 67 the only meds I'm on are eye drops for glaucoma. My blood pressure has always been normal. I refused the statin meds prescription for high cholesterol because I'm not willing to accept the potentially serious risks. I never take meds without first researhing the side affects and deciding whether I want to risk them. It's my body--I have the final say and, even if my doc disagrees, she respects my decision. My doc approves of self-help, but warned that some people can manage high cholesterol with diet and supplements but some people can't manage without medication--depends on how much is hereditary. She recommended a dosage of fish oil and red yeast rice supplements based on my blood tests and physical exam. We all know that supplements should not be taken without our doctor's knowledge because they still change body chemistry and can interact with meds and other supplements being taken. Have you talked to your doc about alternatives to your meds?

JenniferP1, glad your nice weather is helping with your motivation and energy levels.

Jenai, I LOVE your posts--I never think anyone is talking too much here! Great solution to abstaining from diet soda. That's using your noodle! Great inspiration--I need to look into solutions like that. I eat reduced fat cheese but find it only slightly more satisfying than no cheese at all--except for the Laughing Cow cream cheese wedges which are delicious and come in so many flavors. I love pork, but we have it only a couple times a month. OMG, your chicken, broccoli, cheese burrito literally made my mouth water! I'm going to write than one down. I tried a mushroom Rheuben sandwich on a Foldit yesterday (Swiss Laughing Cow cream cheese, sauerkraut, and portobella mushrooms grilled in a Foldit. It was good, but not a satisfactory replacement for a corned beef Rheuben. Sliced turkey works better than mushrooms in that sandwich.

Debbie, you and I are polar opposites this week on the food tracking. I have to return to it strictly--tried without it and kept my blood sugar normal, but found I need to track to manage LDL cholesterol.

Back to strict guidelines that got me to normal cholesterol without meds in the past. Goal should be more like 7-10% sat fat, but that's unrealistic for me.

Daily targets:
Calories: 1200-1500
Saturated fat limit: average 12% of total calories
Dietary Cholesterol limit: average 200mg
Net carbs limit-total carbs less fiber: average 25g
Fiber minimum: average 25g
Protein minimum: average 110g

Log every bite of food
Water 64 oz.
Exercise 5 days
Post non-scale victory
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