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7 Day Motivational Thread Starting August 26 2013 - Luck is no excuse


7 Day Motivational Thread Starting August 26 2013 - Luck is no excuse

Old 08-27-2013, 02:31 PM
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Robin: My neighbour has a small vegetable garden and she is constantly giving me tomatoes and zuccini. It's great. I'll race you to 160.
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Old 08-27-2013, 09:42 PM
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160.2 this morning! My goal was 160. I feel like I finally broke that plateau I was on (162) and it was all the veggies that did it!

Libby I so envy the people that have a garden. Our neighbour used to give us stuff as well but he didn't put one in this year..........I should get my act together and put in my own!

Tonight I have a frozen yogurt date. I will exercise control. I will eat a big salad beforehand.

It's yoga in the garden and then frozen yogurt. It's the last one for the summer.

Come on Jenn, get them in!
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Old 08-27-2013, 10:28 PM
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Robin: Look at you go girl. 160.2 All that fruit and veg is working for us. I might just put a garden in our yard next year. Home grown is better than
bought. Enjoy your last frozen yogurt. I have my frozen fruit pops, trying to keep it one a day.

I stepped on the scale and I am 169.9 Whoo Hoo.

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Old 08-28-2013, 12:27 AM
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My avatar today is my 5 day old great granddaughter's reaction to the word EXERCISE. The dread is in her genes. LOL

Tuesday Report:

Calories, protein, and dietary cholesterol may be slightly overestimated as I ate a lot of baked, skinless chicken that I forgot to weigh. I chose to err on the side of recording too much chicken. Really happy with my saturated fat, which is the hardest for me to restrict. I know HOW to, though.

Calories 1200-1600 1389, 1914
Net carb limit daily average 25g 19g, 33g--net carb average 26g
Fiber minimum daily average 25g 38g, 56g
Sat Fat limit 12% of daily calories 6%, 10%
Dietary Cholesterol limit average 250mg 195mg, 285mg--so average is 240mg
Protein minimum daily average 120g 131g, 128g
Fruit/veggie servings minimum 6 per day 6.5, 5
Exercise 5 days 1/2 hour YES, YES
Water 64 oz. maybe 40, YES

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Old 08-28-2013, 01:18 AM
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Mike: Thanks! They got some good ones!

Robin: Toxic schedules come from many things, you're right!! And you're super-right about parasympathetic digestion too. They call it "rest and digest" for a reason, haha! Great job on your exercise and fruits/veggies! There's nothing like breaking a plateau, is there?!

adyndravo1: Thanks!! I loved my dress! Totally not the style I went out looking for, but that seems to be how it usually goes, right? And hey, if you'r really worried about the mood stuff, talk to a doctor - but I will say as a neuroscientist that energy is usually not the main thing about bipolar disorder, and "manic" states involve some very common signs and symptoms. A doc could help Great job on goals!

libby: Thank you!! I'm a pretty lucky girl (except in figuring out these waves - maybe one day I'll post a picture of the crazy that my hair is going through right now). Great job so far this week!

Mern: LOL at your GGD's face!!!! They already know. I'm with you, I always err on the side of "put too much in the log"

RS: Sometimes you just need a "good grump" as my grandmother would say. So many folks say that it's "selfish" to pout or feel badly for yourself, but I may be in the minority of thinking that it's healthy once in awhile. I find it forces me to think about my situation and whatever is making me grumpy, and either realize it's no big deal or take steps to fix it. I have good conversations when I'm grumping and I work things out. So here's to your pouting leading to good mental results!! HOORAY for your Master's in ABS! It sounds like you've got yourself on quite the schedule, but look at you go! Thanks for the compliments on the wedding pics; we're very happy!

jj: Just a blip, you'll kill it on Wednesday!

For my coloring scheme below -

Green = met goal (not necessarily happy with the numbers, especially with the calorie counts, haha, but goal is met!)
Red = missed goal
Blue = goal in progress or not applicable on a certain day

1) Log every damn thing I put into my mouth and post daily, good, bad, or ugly. M: 1,968 T: 1,338
2) Drink 64 oz, of water a day, no excuse, alcohol does not count M: Maybe 16? Yikes T: yes, about 80
3) Weigh in on Friday with new scale M-Th: N/A
4) Stop the mindless snacking M: Snacked mindlessly with lunch. All other snacks were planned snacks T: Nothing unplanned

I want to add in exercise goals, but I know it's not going to happen this week until I catch up with the semester. Any exercise I do is just going to have to be a bonus, I don't want to set up for failure.

T: Managed to get in 40 minutes strength training (Turbo Sculpt)

I have a few life goals too:

1) Stick with the new hair regimen M: yes T: yes, and tried new product
2) Courses done and up online by Wednesday morning M: Got 3 of 4 done T: 4th syllabus done; not online yet.
3) Jobs spreadsheet Weds afternoon/Thursday; at least updated to current M: No progress T: no progress
4) Post up some wedding pictures for you all! M: DONE T-Sun: N/A
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Old 08-28-2013, 01:40 AM
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Mern, your ggd is super cute!!
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Old 08-28-2013, 02:22 AM
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Nothing like seeing the scale show you what you want to see.
My veggie/fruit count is 24 for Monday and Tuesday - I love this focus - not on decreasing, but on increasing servings - that's something new!

You are on a roll!

I have come to look for your posts to see the daily picture of Camden.
I was thinking about your transportation issue - how far is your daughter's house? Would it maybe make it easier for you to go there and spend some time there and put the kids on the bus, and then get home for a while before getting there again in the afternoon? Just a thought. But if it's far, then it seems like an even worse option! Sorry!

Let's get to work. If we patent calorie-free alcohol, we won't have to toil at our regular jobs any more... I did read about a study, though, which actually showed that drinking a glass of wine raises your metabolism, quickens your heart rate and does other things and may (operative word)help you lose weight. These people can prove anything, I'm so impressed!

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Old 08-28-2013, 03:14 AM
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Jenn, 14 months is such a cute age. How wonderful that she reminds you so much of your sister. Wishing you years and years of happiness with your niece. And wishing you a great goal day today and from here on out. Thanks for your comment on ggd's pic.

Kocial, thanks for your kind words about Camden's changing avatars. You are so sweet to try to think of how to alleviate our school transportation issues. That's a good idea you came up with--my putting the grandkids on the bus from their own home. But years ago, because of my daughter living in a different school attendance zone from me in the same school district, to alleviate the child care and transportation situations, she had the kids transferred to school in my attendance zone. The busses don't run from their home to the school they now attend. It is complicated right now, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. One GD is a high school senior, so this is the last year I have to provide her transportation. In two more years, the two younger will both be in middle school so DD will take them to school on her way to work and I will need only to pick them up after school and bring them to my house. I live closer to the school than to my daughter's house. Now repeat that back to me without looking. LOL

Hope thanks for your awwwws over my great-grandbaby avatars. Nice Monday report!

Cassie, yes, we are blessed that GD's baby is healthy and surrounded with love from both sides of her family. Good that you are getting in the habit of eating a real breakfast before going out the door. I hope your jail day was an easy and productive one with your inmate clients/evaluation subjects. Are you on court-appointed cases or on the defense end?

Mike, great Monday report. And kudos on your Random Act of Kindness sparing the guy's teeth. LOL

Terri, OMG you made such a beautiful bride and you and Michael look so happy. Your dress is absolutely AWESOME! Oh, wow--a Rolls Royce--DH's hat was a perfect addition to a perfect picture. I love "the dip" and "couple goofing around" pics of you and Michael! Those would make a wonderful movie posters. I got all teary-eyed over the pic of you with your grandfather. He must be so proud of you. You and I use the same color scheme for our reports. I switched to blue for a goal in progress because putting missed days in red made me feel like I failed when there was still hope I'd make my weekly goal. Kudos on setting doable goals and on the rest of your Monday including planned snacks. Thanks for posting what you're teaching this year. Is your fave Research in Neuroscience? Oh, honey, your wisdom far outshines mine, but thanks for YOUR compliment. Great Tuesday report! I'm to go exercise as soon as I post this, even though the thought of it makes me stick my tongue out in dread, too. LOL

Libby, thanks for your kind wishes. I think DH will be able to help out beginning September 2--which sounds even better when I say that's only 7 more school days. I'm ready for an awesome week with our group. Your Monday and Tuesday reports are awesome. Aren't you hungry on such low calorie intake? Or do the fruits and veggies keep you feeling satisfied? Ooh, major kudos on the 169.9!

RenewedSoul, thanks for your compliments on my grandbaby's avatar. I am so sorry for all your stress. It's wonderful that you have such a fulfilling job--both for you and for the people you help. Oh, my word! You are AMAZING to do all that you do--working full time, going to classes, rearing your children, and maintaining a 4.0 average! Your kids are so lucky to have a mother who sets such a great example of working hard to make your life better. Your nice, simple goals are a wise choice right now.

Nyda, DH planted just enough green beans, onions, bell peppers, summer squash, and cabbage to get us through the summer, so I think I'll only have tomatoes to can this year. I also use the Walk Away the Pounds tape/DVD. (That's aerobic walking for those of you who are unfamiliar with it.) I really like being able to do that in the comfort of my own home. Your days up and days down could be any number of things--anywhere from an energy problem, sleep problem, stress, depression, even a vitamin defficiency.. I hope you will discuss this with your doctor on your next visit. Wishing you better days ahead. Big cyberhug to ya! Thanks for your kind words about my great-grandbaby's birth. Wow, that was great you were able to slip on the bus when you were a kid.

Robin, you are doing great on your exercise and veggies. Thanks for posting the story of your toxic schedule and for the words of wisdom about figuring out a better way to manage it/fix it. And thanks for the lesson on emotional eating. That is usually not me--this year is the first year I have ever done that--but I will take your words to heart and hope I remember that in times of any future temptation. Congrats on breaking your plateau! Wishing you control on your frozen yogurt date. Eating the salad beforehand is great strategy!

Mel-Mc, be sure to give yourself credit for all the good things you accomplish in your goals. I tried to do 1400 calories once, but it set me in too much of a "feeling of deprivation" mode. Even though I am so obese, my doc says it may be in my best interest to set 1600 as my limit.
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Old 08-28-2013, 03:17 AM
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Hello all! I am on a tiny break at work and thought I would check in! I am doing good and will continue to work hard this week and keep a positive attitude.

Mern: Omgosh! Your granddaughter is so adorable. I love the new pic! Your goals are looking good. It is easy to underestimate food sometimes. Keep up the hard work!

Terri: I appreciate your uplifting words. I do not like getting pouty or grumpy, which is also a rarity for me. I am glad it is passed, because it makes days go by a lot better with a happy attitude. You seem to be doing good on your weekly goals!

Jenn: I hope your day is better for you!

Libby: I appreciate your compliments. And by the way, Yayyyy on the 169 pounds appearing on your scales. All your hard work is paying off.

Nyda: I am sorry that you are having up and down feelings. I am sure it makes it difficult. I try to focus on positive aspects of my life to make myself feel better. Good luck!

Robin: I really need to look into yoga. I think it would be good for my health, body, and mind. I have looked into it before, so I guess I need to make the next step and try it out. And Yipeeeeee for your 160 pounds. You reached your goal number. That is terrific!!!!

Mel-Mc: Your goals are looking good. You can still catch up to your lowered calorie goal. Good luck!

Ian: Thank you for the compliment lol. Good luck this week.
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Old 08-28-2013, 04:16 AM
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Koc: I'll count one day as a roll, hahaha!! My "all courses online by Wednesday morning" isn't happening for me unfortunately, maybe I can get them up by this afternoon. I'm sort of doing them in order of importance/necessity, but classes start tomorrow and time is creeping up on me! I DID get everything for the one class I have tomorrow. It's the Friday classes I'm worried about! I also have seniors in a "capstone" course and I want to get that up ASAP and e-mail all of them, so that's next, and then Friday courses.

Mern: Thank you soooo much for the kind words! We were blissfully happy all day and the wedding really couldn't have gone better. And haha, yes, we rented the Rolls Royce just for a couple of hours. We didn't get all the shots we wanted to because the driver had to get back (or charge us overtime) but I loved him in the hat. My Dad actually got him that hat and I was so happy he used it for some of the pics! That picture of myself and my grandfather is going straight to a frame; he's been ill for a couple of years, and each time I get to see him, it's precious. I tear up every time I see it too. I love my grandfather to pieces and hate seeing his vitality so quickly sapped by illness. I remember when he was 85 and still biking a few miles a day! Now he's 87 and can barely walk

I feel the same way about the blue - it feels like a "neutral" color to me and not a "fail" like the red is, haha. The Research in Neuroscience class is a good class -- usually it only has 2-4 students, but this semester I have TWELVE!!!! First time the class has ever filled up, so I need to figure out what I'm going to do with all of them, as there's only one of me and I can't supervise research for twelve guys at once; however, most of the gentlemen in the class I've had before, and they're good students. It should be fun I'm honestly really looking forward to teaching Sensation and Perception as it will be my first time teaching it!

Kill that exercise, girl

RS: I'm glad it passed for you too and you're ready to kick butt!!! I'm hoping I can get a lot done today to keep more green on my report. Time to post some classes!
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