How to get more vitamin D?

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From what I understand, you can't overdose on Vitamin D (unlike Iron and some of the others). I've seen some things on the news recently saying that it's even better for your immune system that Vitamin C and that they recommend that everyone gets at least 5000mg a day. I've been taking 10,000mg a day for a while now and feeling better than I'd been in a long time. I figure it's safer for me to do that than go out in the sun...I'm outside for just a couple minutes and burn to a crisp.
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I did a internet search for "foods containing vitamin D" and got a pretty comprehensive list. What surprised me is that soy milk specifically Silk brand is fortified with vitamin D and showed up well before vitamin D fortified cow's milk. So in order to get more in my diet, I switched from low-fat coffee creamer to low fat vanilla Silk. Ta-da, more vitamin D in my diet. I'm also upping the nights we eat fish in this house, from once a week only during Lent, to 2 nights a week year round - no whining please. Actually my kids like fish, so it's not a huge issue. The husband on the other hand, only likes a very few kinds of fish, and he doesn't want it too often (the 40 days of Lent is a bit much for him...).
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there is 2 vitamin D : D3 (food) and D2 (sun)
it is posible to overdose with D3 , but you can't eat so much food , it is important if you use suplements of D3

I use sunblock cream in sumer only if we go on beach between 11 h- 17h, usually we go after 18h .. I have fat, so my body storage extra D2 in fat for winter
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Mushrooms are the only non animal food that naturally contain vitamin D . The studies have not yet shown if levels of vitamin D are improved by eating them, but it is a big study going on right now. Vitamin D supplements are shown to improve levels.
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