Do you love Oatmeal?

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Default yuck

OMG, I hate it so much. Last year when I was trying, unsuccessfully, to lose weight, I ate it almost every day.

I put in a ton of cinnamon, some ginger, 1 tsp. vanilla, 1 TBSB. of milk & 1 TBSP. of brown sugar.

Then a force myself to eat it & gag on almost every bite.
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I really love oatmeal, infact this is my breakfast diet and it really helps for my digestion.
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Count me as one of oatmeal's biggest fans! I love it! I have it with a little scoop of unsweetened dried fruit and I boil it in half-part water, half-part pure apple juice, then sprinkle with cinnamon while it is cooking. It's delicious! No need for sugar with the apple juice.
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I keep oatmeal in a big container in my desk and another container with raisins and eat it every day. One of my previous officemates thought that was so funny, he bought me a horse feed bag to go with my oatmeal.

On the weekends sometimes I like Irish Oatmeal and cook it with a chopped up apple and cinnamon then add dried cranberries, pecans and a little maple syrup or brown sugar when its done.

In Lafayette, Colorado they have an Oatmeal Festival every year and they put hundreds of toppings out including things like gummie bears and M&Ms.
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If it's in the form of an oatmeal cookie then heck yeah I love oatmeal!
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I recently found oat meal in it's natural state. (grain form)
I have to soak it for 24 hours to break through the husk.
I have always loved oatmeal, and about half of the time, I would eat it raw.
The most amazing part of oatmeal is it's abailable to suck up cholesterol.
Many years ago, at a gym that I belonged to, they tested my cholesterol, and it was only 119 because I ate two oat bran muffins daily.
The government of the U.S. allows them to put on the label that it lowers cholesterol, asnd the FDA is very strict about making claims such as these.
Oatmeal is a totally awesome food, as any whole grain food is.
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Smile Oatmeal lover

Just a plain oatmeal treat would make my breakfast great. With no added milk or honey cause I'm afraid to gain weight again. I used to be 150 lbs. and now I'm on my way to 120 lbs in just 5 weeks. Of course with exercise and fruit diet, and of course my fave oatmeal. Aside from a healthy diet it helps me to get rid of heart ailments.
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Oatmeal is one of the best way of dieting.
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I also add protein powder to my oatmeal. I also add apple pie spices and chunky, unsweetened applesauce (although it is very difficult to find applesauce that is both chunky and unsweetened in the store, so a lot of times I make my own). Overall, it tastes like an apple crisp to me.
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i love oatmeal - i eat it at least twice a week.

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