Ketosis, how much protein?

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A ketogenic diet SOUNDS a lot like diabetic ketoacidosis, but they are actually different creatures altogether. If you decide to do research about a ketogenic diet and have any sort of chronic illness (such as diabetes, hypertension, etc.) make sure you're reading from studies that are scientifically based. Google Scholar is a good place to start searching if you want more info.

DKA is a very dangerous condition that can occur in Type I diabetics when they have essentially no sugar available for body energy and they begin to digest their own lean body tissues. The body cannot function in this highly acidic state for long and eventually coma and death can occur.

A ketogenic diet (very low carbohydrate intake with the balance of calories coming from fat and protein sources) usually is undertaken with a goal of weight loss. Atkins is probably the most commonly-known type of ketogenic diet. Ketosis can be very beneficial for Type II diabetics since it eliminates excess sugar that would be circulating in the blood stream (damaging to organs!) and forces the body to use its own fat stores (usually abundant in Type II diabetics) for energy. Weight loss can be pretty quick and dramatic.

Again, do your research. Work with your health provider since needs for diabetic and/or hypertensive meds may decrease within the first week or two.
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