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exactly what is so healthy about my lifestyle?


exactly what is so healthy about my lifestyle?

Old 04-05-2011, 05:59 AM
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Originally Posted by wannabefitgrl
sometimes I like to dream that I can eat whatever I want and not get fat again.
Colleen, I can't count how many times I've had that thought. I've often thought, if a "magic genie" gave me the choice of one million dollars (tax free) or the ability to eat and drink anything, in any quantity and remain at a health weight that I'd have a very difficult time making the choice.

I'm sure people with other addictions have similar thoughts.

I'm by no means cured of my addiction, but it seems I can keep myself in check while still having the occasional "day off". Yes, I get a twinge of "food guilt" from time to time, but it doesn't kick in the "all or nothing" thinking that I used to engage in.

I wish I had more answers--I guess we just do the best we can, one day at a time.

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Originally Posted by jjeand
You noted that it is the pie chart specifically that gets you worked up about how perfect, or not, your balance is for the day. You might consider on your relaxed days only enter the number of calories consumed so you don't feel totally out of control but without having to look at such detail. No micro managing that day.
I created a custom food 'food' 1 serving has 1 calorie. In a rush or on a slacker day, I'll just enter x number of 'food' eaten so it still shows I ate the calories but no details.

Super idea JJ!

To a large extent a calorie is a calorie. So if the proportions in the pie chart become an obsession, just tracking the calories will help us keep on track without getting over stressed about carbs, fat and protein.
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Old 04-05-2011, 10:42 AM
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That is an excellent idea! I need one called "camp"--make it 4,000 cals!

Really, though, I find even with the monthly day off my pie is pretty close to what I want. The alcohol does throw it off a bit but I don't stress over it. Life is not a pie chart .

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Old 04-05-2011, 11:37 AM
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The way I deal with the pie chart is that it helps me recognize my problem areas. Protein is a problem area for me, for example. Fat is a problem area for me. Then carbs become a problem area for me. Well, that just about covers it, doesn't it! All food is a problem area for me...

If I eat lots of lean protein early on in the day, I have a humongous area of protein in the pie chart and not much fat. But then, when I have something that has carbs AND fat, it's not such a disaster on the chart, having first pumped up that protein. What's hard is going full-bore with the yummy carb that also has some fat or the yummy fat that also has some carb/protein, and then trying to scramble to get something low-fat or low-carb and nothing tastes good or is available just then.

I have grown to hate/love the pie chart. It keeps me conscious of how very fast carbs can go in my mouth and if I'm eating protein, how VERY VERY VERY fast fat goes in my mouth with that protein. Almost imperceptibly. And when fat's there, calories are there. It's a balancing act. Nothing more, nothing less.
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oh kathy, I laughed pretty hard at that opener of yours because I know exactly how that feels. Seems like only one thing is a problem and before you know it, it's all a problem to maintain. I usually start my days off with a protein shake following my morning workout, then egg whites and the like as a morning snack to ramp up the protein early in the day. I think my real problem is the fat content. I like dairy products because they're dense and filling, but still wet and have a nice mouth feel (even low fat dairy products have a nice mouth feel for me...similar to what high fat foods are like). But I have to choose my dairy wisely, greek yogurt and low fat cottage cheese being staples in my diet because they get me my dairy and keep the protein high and fat low. That and peanut butter, and most of that problem is because where there is peanut butter there must also be chocolate. Yes, I've identified my problems, but it doesn't make me want them any less. And really, wanting too much of what isn't healthy was the whole reason I had to venture on this journey to begin with. Although, to kudos myself...I've successfully kept off 40-50 pounds for almost 3 years (3 years in july). I fluctuate a little and sometimes I fall off the wagon and have to get back on track, but I haven't had to go out and buy new, bigger clothes (got rid of all my fat clothes!), so I still consider that a success.

Great idea about counting calories and igoring the pie chart specs, I might try that. Thanks again everyone for the encouragement. I spend a lot of time supporting friends, coworkers, etc., as they get healthy so it's nice to feel the love back!
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