Caffeine & Cortisol

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I love good coffee, i just love it. But I almost gave up recently, coz the spike and fall in energy levels is like the sugar spike and it didn't do me good. (in fact, I think I might be pre-diabetic) and it is totally true that it raises stress hormones. I feel so much calmer when I don't drink it, and surprisingly, I am more alert overall.
You should definitely ditch the Red Bull, it's a POISON and it's banned in some countries because it's linked to heart failure. Read here Red Bull - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Originally Posted by JeremyTesta
Just tried p-boost after reading some reviews about it. Worked good but pretty pricey. The trial was free but you have to pay for the shipping which was quick. Anyone know any coupon codes for
Explain how "p-boost", which I just googled to find is a "sexual vitalizer for men", has anything to do with thread, unless of course you are just a spammer??

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Oh, all the conflicting reports of caffeine (coffee, rather) on the body drive me absolutely crazy sometimes. I definitely recognize it as a drug, I absolutely get a very happy high off of it for an hour or so in the morning, but luckily, if I plan out the rest of the day well with what I eat next or get some activity, I don't suffer any noticeable crash. However I don't know exactly what its doing to my hormones, so the cortisol thing worries me.

I don't plan on giving up coffee- I enjoy the taste, the feeling it gives me, the energy, and just the simple pleasure of drinking it in the morning over lots of news-browsing. I think if its not taken with excessive sugar and fat, its overall a pretty healthy drink and there are many claims to support this.

The extra cortisol spike in times of stress claim does seem to make sense though, I think I'll be very conscious of that in the future when I feel stressed...
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yeah!! .. I can't handle caffeine myself anymore but in the past I always found it to be an appetite suppressant.
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Ginseng, Echinacea along with some other natural vitamins will often be a part of energy drinks such as Red Bull. Although the benefits associated with Echinacea as well as Ginseng are very identified if they're consumed along with drugs like the types we have now just stated, then it can induce some serious unintended effects.

Together we have to take care of the amount of energy beverages we use, due to the fact drinking even more than 2 energetic beverages each day can cause certain unwanted side effects. The possible unwanted effects of consuming too much Red Bull are; putting on weight, coronary heart disturbances, anxiety symptoms, lack of fluids etc.

Extra weight is surely an predicted complication as a result of high amount of sugars contained in the beverage. The caffeine in these products can result in anxiety. An excess of levels of caffeine can trigger anxiety, sleeping complications and impatience. The caffeine in the energetic products can impact our blood pressure and raise it which can cause quite short breathing, pulse rate troubles, and other alike. The dehydration we've mentioned also can bring about a feeling of sickness or mild to severe headaches.

Essentially all these types of unwanted side effects may not be small in any way and that we have to take care about the quantities of energetic products we take in. Simply by undertaking that, we'll be doing fantastic favour to your body and well being.

You can check this link for more information : Red Bull Side Effects | Side Effects Guide
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