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Doctors talking trash about eggs or red meat in relation to blood cholesterol ring a little outdated since the majority of the cholesterol in your blood is produced internally. Carb control turns out to be effective (will try to dig up the paper I'm thinking of) at reducing that production but the point is, nutritionist might be a better person to ask than a GP.

Either way, eggs do have a bit less cholesterol than previously believed, that's something that was written up only in the last couple of weeks that I saw (e.g., USDA: Eggs' cholesterol level better than cracked up to be -

Can you give us some idea of the amount of exercise you're doing? 1000cal is almost always an area where you'll either have energy troubles or your body will otherwise react poorly.

Macros refer to protein/fat/carbohydrate ratios in whatever the food is.
I'm working with a personal trainer 2 days a week, so that's pretty intense work outs, and then I'm trying to get to the gym 2 additional days a week on my own. I've definitely bumped up the calories in the last week, but I honestly don't feel much different than the week I only ate around 1,000; In fact, I feel like I have a bit less energy now...I guess this is all just a work in progress
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The work in progress part is important to keep in mind!

Given your exercise and your intent to do more, I'm in agreement with your trainer. The exact amount of calorie increase is obviously something you can adjust but you definitely need to be getting eating more. If you're hesitant start with a compromise number like 1300-1400 and see how you feel.
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