Best way to store food ?


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Default Best way to store food ?

I'm going to move out soon, and one of the things I'm doing to know a little bit more about cooking is watching Kitchen Nightmares (Gordon Ramsay's motivational as fuck, yo). Something that keeps coming back, over and over again, is food storage; every time he checks the walk-in or storage, it's always the same types of crisises;

-Frozen for too long

-made waaay too long ago

-some of the food is actually rotten

-cross contamination

And then by the end, theres ALWAYS an emphasis on fresh food; bought on the same day, every day.

Now, for a fresh graduate who is going to cook for herself, boyfriend, maybe 3-4 more people at most, what should I know about storing, refrigerating, prep, etc.? I really want to be able to make good food, and be able to keep the food good and delicious without having to go grocery shopping every time I want lunch.

I mainly wanna look at

-storing meats, including seafood

-defrosting and marinading

-prepping the ingredients the previous night and/or before I go to work

Thanks guys!
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If you have the freezer space, freeze them in individual portions and now you have your own version of a Stouffer's meal anytime you want it. I often make tasty comfort food like lasagna, chili, spaghetti sauce, gumbo that freeze really well. In Auckland I use special commercial cold storage and refrigerated warehouse for that purpose. That's very convy. One of my friends advised me Fonko service a few months ago and since that time I'm a regular customer at this service, they offer good freezer rooms for sale.

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I just do normal things. Not sure what Gordon would say. But I am sure he would have a fit.
Meat and sea food needs to be packaged well when frozen. I do not keep them long in the freezer as my freezer is not that great.
I defrost meat on counter overnight but that is obviously not what any expert would do.
Fish is easier in can defrost in water (add a bit of salt and sugar)
I think you can prep night before if everything is kept in the fridge just fine
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