Do you add veggies to your fruit smoothies?

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Oh and I add about 5 to 6 ice cubes maybe that will help hide the cauliflower. I have used my blender on carrots for a sauce and it just took alittle to blend it, I diced them up before I put them in there. Your braver than me, I've never tried it in a smoothie!!
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Originally Posted by meganspurr
This morning I added a handful of spinach, just one piece of steamed cauliflower and one scoop of protein powder along with the Orange Juice, yogurt, banana and frozen berries.

Good news is, my husband still drank it! The protein powder made it a TON thicker than I expected (especially since I only put in half of a serving), and the cauliflower was definitely noticeable. I don't think either of us could taste the spinach though! (Well, my husband thinks he could, but I didn't tell him I put in cauliflower - sometimes I have to sneak in veggies before he will accept that he will like them. I know he isn't a child, but if he had his way, we would eat steak and potatoes and not eat anything green unless it was 14% alcohol by volume).
LOL, my dad is the same way, but he's primarily a meat and cheese man.

My hubby eats veggies without being tricked, thank goodness, but he HATES squash. I wonder if a little baked butternut or acorn squash would be noticeable?
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My husband says he hates squash too. It took all my strength not to laugh when I made him a butternut squash / cheese ravioli and he talked about how he loved it! I like it baked though, it is a much more mild flavor and super tasty!

Tomorrow morning I’m going to attempt putting a carrot into the smoothie - assuming my blender doesn't blow up. And then Wednesday I’m going to attempt some cucumber. Keep your fingers crossed!
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I don't know if I wil get in trouble for posting this. But this looks like a good way to use kale

Hey everyone here is a recipe for my HEALTHY green drink, which can be used as a meal replacement! It is a BIG drink and could be considered 2 servings. Women who are watching their calories can cut the supplements in half, which drops the total calories down to 289.
MY Green Drink (398 calories)

Add all ingredients (listed below) to a blender and blend until combined.
Supplements (218 calories)
1 TBSP*Ground Flax Seed (40 calories)
1 Ĺ TBSP*Hemp Seed *(80 calories)
1 TBSP*Dulse Flakes *(8 calories)
2 tsp*Maca Powder *(40 calories)
2 TBSP*Pea Protein (50 calories)
Fruits & Veggies (180 calories)
1 Cup Fresh Kale (30 calories)
1 Cup Frozen Spinach (30 calories)
1/2 Cup Blueberries (35 calories)
Ĺ Small Banana (40 calories)
1/2 Cup Frozen Pineapple (45 calories)
20 oz. H20

Tags:drink, green drink, my recipe
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Pea protein? I don't think i've ever heard of that one before! That does look like it would taste good though!

Well the smoothies this morning adding carrots was a little... odd. I forgot about adding the protein powder so it was just banana, carrot, yogurt, berries, spinach and OJ. I don't know if it is that my blender couldn't get the carrots any finer than this, but the texture of the smoothie is really off today. Maybe i'll try steaming carrots for dinner tonight and using the leftovers tomorrow in the smoothie and see if that makes it any better?

Aside from texture, the taste is fine! I'll try again steamed tomorrow - and then try some Cucumber instead of carrots on Thursday. There will be a magic mixture from my ingredients at home, i'm sure of it!
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I don't know what pea protein is. I would just sub regular protein powder. I'm going to google it and see what it is.

I got an email today with 6 smooties, they look yummy. I'm going to try a few. I wish they told you how much sugar was in them tho!!

I'm not sure if I posted the link correct. But it's on Womens health or maybe you can copy and paste it

6 Naturally Yummy Smoothies | Women's Health Magazine

If it didn't post right, does any1 know how to post links?
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My hubby doesn't eat veggies either, but he's drinking protein smoothies with me and I add carrots and cucumbers and some natural honey and it's delicious and he doesn't know he's eating healthy! I use a VitaMix and it purees everything, ice included, for 20 years now.

Does anyone know if there is a way to add the "time of day" when I eat?
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Does anyone add raw porridge oats to their smoothies?

Also, if you're making a smoothie with a protein powder that is usually mixed with water, what liquid do you add?
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celery, carrot, a small beet, mixed greens, spinach, sometimes a little cabbage, cucmbers
tomatoes and pumpkin puree (yea you could say these are fruits but we tend to eat them as veggies)

just not all at the same time... 1 carrot and 1 rib of celery are okay together

It beats the overpowering green powders...if you add dry oatmeal don't overdo the quantity or it turns into cement
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Toss in a bunch of Collard greens

A handful of organic baby carrots or (1 full carrot diced up)

1 portion (about 5 or 1 cup) of fresh or frozen strawberries (you can use any fruit really)

1 banana

4 heaping tabelspoons of Organic PLAIN yogurt, or PREFERABLY Plain Kefir. Found by the milks, rice milks, & pre-made chocolate milks.

1/2 cup of any one of these juices, Guava/ Cashew/fresh OJ/ Pear/Mango (I used Guava)

1/2 cup of one of these Soy, Coconut, or rice milk. ( I used Silk Original Light only 60 cals per serving)

1 scoop of Vanilla whey Protein Powder

1 tbs ground flax seed

2 tablepoons Honey or agave to sweeten (I used Honey)

add ice if you used fresh fruit I use frozen so no ice is needed

Blend very well and enjoy.

If you find yourself really hungry shortly after the smoothie add 2 Tablespoons of organic all natural Peanutbutter to your next smoothie. This will add a little more calories but it will hold you over longer, so no candy bar consumption is made due to being hungry

If you do use this recipe please use it for non profit and own personal use. feel free to let me know if it has helped you

Please consult your doctor before going on any diet or exercise regiment, as not all regiments are not for everyone.

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