Serious Calorie Shortage

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Default Serious Calorie Shortage

between work, school, and homework i just don't have time to cook at all. my school and work day go from 8 to 8, after which i have homework waiting when i get home. with this, im having difficulty getting the calories i need every day. my average from the time school started has been 800 calories a day and im starting to feel it. foods i do eat include 3-4 servings of fruit in the morning on the walk to school and in between morning classes, 4-5 servings of veggies again in between classes; i cant eat at work; dinner is usually late, im never home earlier than 8 and eating later than 9 leads to a stomach ache. with my schedule just dont have the time to cook a meal for an hour (i do not have a microwave or toaster, just a fridge, stove and oven) i've been sticking to light meals for dinner, like more fruit and veggies- this not only doesnt lead to an upset stomach but i dont feel so guilty for eating late.

however, this type of eating is beginning to catch up with me. I'm completely exhausted during the day. the last couple days i've broken down and bought a bag of nuts on campus which helps a lot, but i cant afford to be buying individual snacks every day. i tried making sandwiches on the weekend for the rest of the week, but after a few days i am completely sick of them. i am the type of person that prefers to snack all day vs. eating a meal. i've been having an issue the past few years where i just dont feel hungry ever and often just eating a full sandwich causes me to crash. another thing i should mention is that im exercising a lot, between 6 and 8 hours a week of aerobic exercise and i work with dogs, so i have another 5 hours every day of pretty physical work.

so here's the question: what suggestions do you have for healthy higher calorie foods. im looking for something i can grab and run or keep in my car or in a bag. i'm thinking nuts but what else? my doctor suggested oatmeal but i have an allergy. my goal this year is to focus on good healthy foods and eliminating sugar snacks. time is my biggest constraint and i cant afford to be eating out. besides not feeling well, eating too few calories has caused me to stop loosing weight. any suggestions you have are greatly appreciated.


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Exclamation Calorie upping!

I just did a huge response but lost it! So, here is my second attempt.

Hi thelirpies

Protein - lots of protein. If you are not a meat eater (as I read into your thread) then it is "Beans and Lentils". Your muscles need protein to function AND ---- you need to balance your carbs - even complex ones - with protein!

Websites to check out:
The World's Healthiest Foods (go to the left side bar and click on whfood list and then to lentils and beans.

Just one cup will get you around 230 kcalories and 15 - 18gm of protein with low fat if any. Check out black beans and others that you can buy in bulk (dry) and cheaper than cans that may help with your student budget. Lentils are super easy (and do not need to be soaked overnight) to make on the stove top. They store easily in the fridge. Eat alone, in salads, in eggs, instead of pasta with grilled veggies, in soups - just about can add to anything!

Much more simpler than the last one!

Hope this helps you, Carren
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Canned beans are super easy, just rinse and toss on your salad. String cheese, hard boiled eggs, canned tuna or chicken, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts-all of these can really punch up your late night salad and still be healthy! Sometimes I use balsamic vinegar instead of salad dressing, and I usually use spinach instead of lettuce. The acid in the vinegar helps with iron absorption. I love slimwich buns, you can toast them with a little cream cheese and they taste like a bagel, or throw some sliced egg, cheese, spinach and tomato on them-breakfast or lunch on the go. I also take one plain with my salad for lunch, because if I don't eat enough at lunch it tends to ruin my whole day. Really loving Greek yogurt for a high protein/low cal mid morning snack too. Healthy Choice soups are pretty good, I like the bean and ham the best. I've found it's much cheaper to buy walnuts and almonds in the baking aisle than in the produce aisle. Maybe you could get a blender and make smoothies for breakfast?

I also use my toddler's 1/2 cup tupperware bowls from the baby aisle to measure out stuff like nuts or blueberries, so I can just grab one and go in the morning.

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It's not unusual to feel sluggish and tired when you cut back your calories, especially when you cut back on carbs and have an already busy lifestyle. I was so cranky and mean in the beginning of this journey that my kids were trying to swap me out for a nicer mom - seriously. 2 servings of whole grains daily, usually keeps the crankiness at bay for me.

Nuts are good, I buy mine bulk in the fresh produce section of the store for $4-5/pound, and when they go lower than that I stock up like crazy. We've also gotten them at Sam's Club, 5lbs for like $13. When you only eat an ounce at a time, that 5lb bag lasts for a while.

For quick grab proteins I like boiled eggs, reduced fat cheese, tuna in a pouch, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, protein bars, protein shakes, nuts, reduced fat peanut butter and lean cold cuts. Another thing I like to eat for lunch and dinner is homemade soup: chicken vegetable, beef stew, chili, cabbage, etc. I throw everything in the crock pot, and let it stew all day. Once you make a batch, eat it that night for dinner and freeze the rest in 1 serving containers; ta-da, dinner that can be warmed up on the stove top in minutes and is approx 250-350 calories. If you make a pot of soup once/week, pretty soon you'll have several different varieties to choose from in the freezer.
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Whey Protein shakes (I get mine from Wal-mart- Body Fortress strawberry or vanilla). If you drink milk you can mix the shakes with whole milk for extra calories and protein. Lots of good suggestions above. Think a little outside the box, have eggs as a evening meal. They are quick and easy to prepare scrambled, or as someone has eluded to put hard boiled eggs in a salad.
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I myself am trying to incorporate more raw foods into my diet. If you can afford them, an avocado can be your best friend. One in the morning with your breakfast foods can help you with calories and healthy fats. Just slice in half, pop out the seed, and scoop out the meat with a spoon. Also, they are VERY tasty blended into smoothies. Banana, strawberry, avocado is my fave.

A small box of raisins for a good calorie boost. A organic package of individual boxes is not costly.

Nut butter (a table spoon or two) to go with an apple is super tasty and one of my favorite things in the world.

Whey protein, if you have the money for it (and really, it's not that expensive considering the servings.) blended with a banana and perhaps some peanut butter would be a high calorie boost that is nutritious.

Beans in the salad is a great idea and something I do often. You can't go wrong with a big salad mixed with some red kidney beans.

Also, full fat dressing if you eat salad dressing. A table spoon at least. A table spoon of olive oil, some salt and pepper, with some dill is my favorite dressing and provides healthy fat and a sufficient helping of calories.
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Breakfast: (Buy yourself a cheap blender from walmart) Power packed Smoothie ( I promise this will give tons of energy and up your protein and calorie intake) -1 serving protein powder ( I like GNC's lean shake mix in vanilla), 1 cup of milk, almond milk, rice milk, or soy milk (whichever you tolerate best), 1 banana, 1 TBS natural peanut butter, 1 tsp ground flax seed, 1/2 cup other fruit of your choosing, 1/2 cup of spinach ( you won't even taste it!)

When you go to school pack an insulated reusable lunch box with one of those ice bags to keep things cool.

Snack: 1 cup veggies, 1 mozerella cheese stick, 24 (1 serving)Special K Whole Grain Crackers

Lunch: 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 15 almonds, apple

Snack: 3 oz chicken strips chopped ( you can buy already cooked, they come in a bag and already flavored), 1/2 cup whole wheat pasta ( you can make one big batch of this over the weekend and it will keep in your fridge to pull from all week long), 2 TBS Onions (again chop up a bunch on the weekend and leave in fridge), 1/2 sliced and chopped tomato, toss all ingredients together with a TBS or two of Olive Oil. Eat cold.

Dinner: Egg Salad (2 hardboiled eggs mixed with 1/2 TBS mayo), served on 1 slice of whole wheat bread, or you could use the special K crackers again and dip them in, 1 cup of mixed green peppers and celery (you can use these as dippers too!)

Snack:Yogurt mixed with 1/4 cup of granola, 20 grapes
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Default Some energy foods that are low calorie

Sprouted Soy Tofu - 80 cal, 1 carb, and 8 protein
Boca Burgers, Vegan - 80 cal, 13 protien
Breakstones Cottage Cheese pack - 90 cal, 11 protien
Rice Cake with Salsa - 55 cal, quick snack not protieny but filling
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One of my latest discoveries is how good beans are. Kidney beans have the most fiber, a critical point in weight control. Just add some of your favorite fruit or vegetable salsa and you are good to go.

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One of my fav quick meals used to be a big salad. On top of the normal salad ingredients I would add a hard boiled egg, some shredded or chopped up cheese, and any meat I had on hand (chicken, ham, tuna, immitation crab, etc). I always found it very filling and satisfying and it has a wide varliety of nutrients / calorie sources. Oh how I miss my salads!

A good snack is also a can of tuna, but it would not be suggested at work or school unless you sit alone haha, but maybe for weekend snacks?
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