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Default Fast breakfast ideas

What are some good fast "on the go" breakfast foods? I work 3rd shift so when I get off I drive plenty to get home and my son to school, then whatever errands I need to do before going to bed and waking up at 3pm. What are some good suggestions to eat on the go?

I already have 1 oz. cheese chunks
Apples w/ peanut butter
boiled eggs (I don't really like eggs any other way)

I'm also not a yogurt fan.

Also, suggestions of what I can make the night before and just Grab in the morning would be great!
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Cottage cheese for me.

I have a toaster/egg poacher that can toast bread, poach eggs and warm whatever meat all at the same time. It also has an insert to boil 8 eggs as well. My boyfriend enjoys making two breakfast sandwiches in no time at all before he runs out the door in the morning.
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You can make breakfast sandwiches (English muffin, etc.) and freeze them. Make sure they are wrapped snugly. Then take one out, loosen the wrapping, pop in the microwave and heat it up (trial and error will show you how long). Couldn't be easier.
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You can make your own trail mix with almonds, raisins (or other dried fruit), and a healthy cereal. Calories can add up quickly, so just make sure you measure out portions carefully!
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I buy prepackaged protein drinks and keep them in the frig. They come in a juice box with a straw attached. They are low in calories if you buy the light ones (muscle milk) and altho they don't taste great, they are nutritious and easy. And they fill you up with at least 20 grams of protein.

On the road, you can often find muscle milk in the refrigerated section of a 7-11. Now THAT is convenient! :]
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For breakfast I'm all about a piece of fruit and a serving of whole grain, so I get these little round buns called "Slimwiches" another brand is called "Slim buns" and then I also like the "Slim bagels". I toss it in the toaster and then put something on it and munch it down while I'm driving the kids to school and I put an apple or banana in my pocket for the ride home. Usually I use a slice or two of turkey or ham and some reduced fat cheese, but it's also good with fat-free cream cheese and jam, tuna salad, rf peanut butter and low sugar jam, or open faced with cottage cheese and paprika. Another fast and easy breakfast is a protein bar, we buy them bulk and when it's not Africa hot out I just keep a box of them in the car.
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I take a slimwich, turn it inside out, pop it in one slot of my toaster(so the middle toasts but the crust stays soft), then fill with a little cream cheese for a fake bagel; or fried egg white, ham, tomato and maybe cheese for an egg mcmuffin type sandwich. Work days, I usually have a banana and a Kashi granola bar in the car (this brand has more protein and a lot less sugar than most) and a greek yogurt for a snack around 10am. My husband works 3rds too, lately I've been getting him Special K protein shakes for before bed. Toaster waffles are pretty easy too. The hubs is trying to eat better too, still can't get him to do a food log or hit the gym >< but maybe I'm rubbing off on him lol.
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