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Default What I've learned recently

When I started this, I was just trying to get a read on what I was eating daily. That was the end of July. I have no idea what I weighed at the time. I didn't really register on my scale at home. It would fluctuate wildly, and I was heavier than the professional scales could handle at the local Ymca.

I was eating waaay over 3000 calories a day. I figured out my BMR was 2929.7. Once I committed to doing this, I was averaging around 1700-1800 a day. But I was having trouble feeling full. I never was in full on 'need to eat to survive' mode, but never really felt full, or satiated. It was definitely manageable.

Around the same time, in late July, I had gotten back to running. Since that time, I'm running about 2 miles 3 times a week plus nautilus 3 times a week at the Y. The running is going up every week in distance or speed, so I'm progressing there. Since I've started really ramping up the running, I'm finding that 1700-1800 isn't really cutting it. Not all week. I'm getting ravenously hungry at times.

I'm finding this happens more on the weekends. I may be eating more out of boredom than anything else, but I'm feeling REALLY hungry at these times.

So I guess my question is this: (after rambling on so far)...Is it ok for me to have a 1500-1600 calorie budget on weekdays, then go to 2200-2400 calorie budget on friday and saturday? I still do pretty well on Sunday, it's really just Friday and Saturday...especially Friday, which I call Friday Fatday. I worry that by trying to stick to this harder number of 1700-1800 every day I might be setting myself up to fail horribly. If I do a smaller number 5 days, then a higher number for 2 days, but still less than my BMR, I think I can prevent myself from just saying eff it for ANOTHER time.

Anyway, what I've been doing so far has been working, anyway, as I'm down to 346 from whatever I was before (I think close to 370, if not over). I've actually been able to buy a scale at Sears to use at home, that doesn't grunt or groan when I get on.
Check out my progress, but be warned, it ain't pretty:

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If you're on the boards here a lot, you might notice people talking about 'zig zagging', meaning you can vary your calorie count each day as long as you maintain an overall calorie deficet for the week. So to lose a pound a week, you need a deficet of 3500 cals for the week. To lose two pounds, just double it. That will allow you to stick to lower calories during the week and splurge a little bit more on the weekends. Here's a website with lots of calculators you can use, but by no means do you need to stick to their plans: Calorie Calculator - Daily Caloric Needs

As for those weekends...I hear you! I think my problem is that during the week, my body is accustomed to eating at about the same time and I have pre-set, portioned snacks. But on the weekend, at home, it's different. My routine is off, I have full access to lots of food, etc. I just try to eat when genuinely hungry (it helps me to keep an eye on the clock. If I just ate an hour or two ago...the hunger might not be genuine so I try to hold off a bit.) Sometimes it even helps me to make a snack that requires actual prep or cooking. It delays me from being able to eat right away, thereby decreasing my hunger (the trick is, for me anyway, to not snack while cooking!).

Hope that helps!
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someone told me once that many people often confuse the feeling of thirst with being hungry. strange as it sounds, i find it true for myself. maybe you are like this as well?
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weight loss tips

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