Protein recommendations?

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Gee now I'm hungry, and for protein no less...

I think everybody covered most of the sources of protein I use day to day. Did anybody say soy nuts, natural peanut butter, skim milk or low-fat cream cheese? Finger jello can also be a source of snacky protein, but the protein content varies brand to brand so you have to be careful. That's about all I can add on the topic.
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i like adding powdered protein to smoothies too
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Another one is quinoa, if you are brave enough to try it. It is a grain-like seed that is a complete protein. Most people use it as a side dish, but you can cook it up similar to rice and add a bunch of veggies to it. It can be cooled and made into quinoa salad. It is not a personal favourite because of the texture (I am a texture person) but it is pretty tasty.

Here is a link to some other ideas for complete proteins (most of which were mentioned):

Complete protein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Default Pork tenderloin

I know Lizzy mentioned it and I think CJ seconded it, but I have really been leaning on pork tenderloin a lot recently. It can be a little pricey so I keep an eye out for sales. It marinates wonderfully, for a grilled meat, it can replace chicken in most recipes and make nice sandwiches, burritos, or casseroles. And it has basically the same fat profile as chicken.

BTW outstanding weight loss amylee - you go girl!
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Wow, thanks for all the ideas!! I am going grocery shopping today and am going to pick up a lot of your ideas. THANK YOU!! I am looking forward to trying new stuff.
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another possible addition to your list is bulgar wheat with soy. it has 10 grams of protein per serving and it tastes good! i mix it with chickpeas, feta (feta makes it beta), mint, and lemon.
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Default Adding lean protein

I have to give props, once again, to the Fitday food journal. I have been doing the Atkins diet, and in addition to the guidelines of 1800-2200 calories, 20g net carbs, and 90-190g of protein, I have also been trying to maintain a ratio of 65-30-5 (fat-protein-carb). That ratio was coming naturally with the calorie, carb, and protein guidelines, but the last couple of days I noticed my fat level was creeping upwards of 70% and my protein level was dipping below 30%. The numbers weren't drastic, but the 65-30-5 ratio has worked well for me so far and I want to stick with what works. Also, I have started working out (swimming and biking so far), and I don't want to come up short on protein and force my muscles to start wasting. I think the big difference this week has been that I made some bratwurst sausages as my lunch protein instead of the typical whole meat beef or pork I typically have.

So, with all that in mind, I was put in a position I never thought I would be with the Atkins diet. I needed less fat and more protein. I found whey protein powder to be a great solution. I went to GNC and found that ON brand 100% whey protein was the best option for me. One serving gives 23g protein with only 1g of fat and 2g of carbs (1g from sugar). It mixes easily and smoothly with cold water, and it tastes great! In fact, I have been thinking about trying to reduce my caffeine intake because of high blood pressure, and I just may use this whey drink as a coffee replacement in the mornings.

I would love to hear other people's thoughts on lean protein in general and whey powder in specific, as protein rationing is a new experience for me.


stats, inspired by Ron

Male, 6'0" tall, 37 y/o

Starting weight, 4/19/10 (started Atkins) = 287
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This will be my lightest weight since high school!
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I agree that whey protein is a great way to increase protein intake with a minimum of calories. Most people don't understand the vital role protein plays in retaining muscle mass when they are eating at a caloric deficit. I personally use the Body Fortress brand from Wal-mart in both vanilla and strawberry. As with the ON brand it has a minimum of fat and carbs. Adding some fruit is a great way to turn it into a treat that still fits into my calorie and nutrition plan (and much better for me than that 1200 calorie shake at McD's).

Thanks for the recognition in your signature!!
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Originally Posted by rpmcduff
Thanks for the recognition in your signature!!
My pleasure! Making a commitment to post those stats regularly is a great tool for both accountability and motivation.
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I swapped out regular yogurt for the greek style, fat free of course. It has double the protein and makes a big difference in my protein intake. I mix it with a little fruit, or cut up an apple (so it's like having fruit dip).

I also stopped eating whole eggs. I had been eating a lot of hard-boiled eggs, but when I used fit day to calculate the difference between one hard boiled egg and a couple egg whites, switched to the egg whites. I can eat a lot more, have more protein, and less fat. Plus, when made as an omelette, I don't even notice the difference.

And like you guys said, protein powder is the best way to up your protein. If you mix with skim milk instead of water, you'll get even more protein per glass without upping your fat intake.
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