Looking for some substitutes

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Default Looking for some substitutes

Good day all. I am kind of new here. and looking to go back to work at losing. In the past I have lost some weight while not exactly given up my favorite foods. Well I have gained back and some and am wanting to to take some drastic measures.

I keep hearing how giving up specific food can help tremendously with the weight lose. Starches, bread, chips etc. However many of these foods are my weakness.

So I was hoping to discover some alternatives for 1. Bread, and 2. Chips.

Maybe there is a thread that already has some information on this topic that I am missing and someone could point me in the right direction or help me out with something they use as substitutes for these foods.
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A good substitution for chips, for me, has been crispy seaweed at Trader Joe's. I'm pretty sure some supermarkets carry it but for sure, amazon has it in their grocery section.

It's just seaweed that's been lightly salted with a little bit of oil. Very crispy, light and crunchy. The seaweed taste - I love that anyway, but could take some getting used to if you're new to it.

There are several variations on the chips idea on the supermarket shelves these days - things baked with lentils, veggie crisps, for example. With a little trial and error, you can find your 'junk food' with the least calories and the most flavor.

If you like to cook, there are ways to cook 'chips' of all kinds (different veggies) in the microwave. Using Google, you can probably find a way that works for you. The microwave can make something very thin very crispy in a relatively short time, if you experiment with various techniques.

Bread? I dunno. High fiber tortillas to make burritos instead of sandwiches? Pasta? Any whole wheat pasta that you find that you like - it's amazing how filling a small portion can be, topped with some sauce and a small amount of cheese (and a meatball or two).
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For bread, look to the Hungry Girl line of Foldits and Flatouts. They are relatively low calorie, lower carb, higher fiber and good on protein. The foldits are a really good bread alternative. To find where they are sold in your area, go here to find a store. With both the flatouts and foldits you can also put them on the oven rack at 350F for about 7-9 minutes and get them crispy. So fresh or out of the oven they are really delicious.
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