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Sugar Addiction!! Please help me!! dont know what else to do! >

Sugar Addiction!! Please help me!! dont know what else to do!

Sugar Addiction!! Please help me!! dont know what else to do!


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Unhappy Sugar Addiction!! Please help me!! dont know what else to do!

Hi, I am 25 years old and I am a sugar addict. Very bad sugar addict! I have been addicted all my life, but I have been fighting it on/off mode for the past 3 years. I read books about sugar addiction, and it describes everything about me. I can be sometimes off sugar for 25 days, 55 days but then I have a small piece and i start to have cravings that I cannot control. I eat everything what I find in one shot. I can eat the whole cake, 50 cookies, full box of the chocolates, and much more. I can consume up to 15, 000 calories in one day. I kill myself. Once i eat sugar, i feel so tired, irritated, cranky,moody. I cannot wake up in the morning, I dont want to go to school, I call of the work. Fight with my husband and much more. Once i stop eating sugar, i am so energetic, i wake up before the alarm, i feel like cleaning up my house, organize the stuff, i feel like living... Sometimes, my family tells me I have split of the personality. I know how i feel by having sugar. Right now i am on my 3 step ( by 7 step recovery program). My husband is very supportive, but he doesnt have problem with sugar the way I do. I need someone who trully understands me. Are there any sugar sensitive people like me? lets team up and support each other.
From the outside i dont look like a sugar addict, I am 5.9 and i weight 150. However only a year ago i weight 130...once i eat it again. I feel so depressed so down.
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It sounds like binge-eating to me. It just happens to be that you like sugar for your binge eating. It's just eating a lot and not being able to put on the brakes. It's not eating a little. It's eating a lot.

You can go without sugar for days on end and then have a small piece and suddenly go off the deep end? A lot of people have a 'trigger' that sets them off in binge eating. You have a binge eating problem, not a sugar problem. That's my very un-professional opinion, because eating disorders are in the realm of behavioral psychology. I'm no psychologist, and a medical doctor would send you to a psychologist.

Perhaps you can get your family doctor to refer you to a therapist?

Many people have a problem dieting when they say, 'I have a sweet tooth.' They will describe how they just have to make sweet desserts for their family. They have to buy chocolate for snacks. But they don't overeat those things - they don't eat whole cakes, they just feel like those sugary things (which are fattening because they are bound with fat - the most highly caloric of the macronutrients, while carbohydrate has less than half the calories of fat) push them into a caloric excess. They do push you into a caloric excess, when you are eating normal meals with appropriate calories and then you add on a dessert. Or add on a snack.

But the people who say they have a sweet tooth aren't the same as binge-eaters who eat all the chocolates in the box at one sitting.

In the meantime, there are probably many foods that you eat that have small amounts of sugar that don't cause you a problem because they don't taste 'sweet.' You're not controlled by those foods, and sugar doesn't control you. You control you.

If you need support for that, have you thought about joining a group like Weight Watchers? They meet weekly to give each other support. It's a question of controlling yourself - controlling your eating. It could just as easily be pizza. Or nachos. What WW will do is keep you focused on avoiding sugar in sweet desserts and trigger foods for you - because you describe that as an obstacle for you. It will be viewed as behavior you can modify - WW addresses behavioral issues with food (resisting peer pressure, coping with stress and reacting by overeating, etc.)

Because any kind of food 'addiction' - and I use the term loosely, because we need to eat food to live - is a question of control, Weight Watchers keeps you on the straight and narrow. They will tell you that if you fall off the horse, you have to get right back on that horse again. That is, recognize what happened and keep yourself on a program of controlling what you eat. If that means not eating sugar because you 'can't eat just one brownie,' believe me, you will hear the exact same story from people there who can't eat just one cup of movie popcorn (I can't) or a small bowl of chips (I can't) or one small barbecued pork rib.

You'll find plenty of kindred spirits. Food 'addictions' can loosely be called addictions but behaviors can be learned and un-learned. That's why a psychologist would be good help, also - there are medical diagnoses for problems, but 'sugar addiction' isn't one of them.

I'm not trying to push WW. There's Overeaters Anonymous, too.

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