snack tips please

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Egg and Turkey Sausage Wrap or Burrito:

Microwave zero cholesterol egg substitute as you would scrambled eggs.

Microwave turkey sausage (Jimmy Dean makes pre-cooked links)

Roll up in a soft tomato basil or plain flour tortilla.
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Make veg pizza with lots of vegetable. Then add some spices and cheese.. and enjoy a homemade yummyy pizza.
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I can recommend pita bread with mozzarella, tomatoes and olive oil baked several minutes. Easy and delicious!
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Create chicken pizza with lots of vegetable and chicken. Then put in some butter and cheese.
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i like your snack Kathy13118 , i am doing the same with the fruits and yogurt
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Snacking is my big thing too! Honestly, if I let myself, I'd just snack all day...

However, I can enjoy some really healthy -- and tasty snacks throughout the day, in moderation of course.

Here's some (SCD legal) suggestions...

Fruit - favorites: apples, grapes, or frozen blueberries
Nuts - favorites: almonds or pecans.
Cheese - favorites: extra sharp cheddar, provolone, or if I'm feeling gourmet, bit of pecorino.
Veggies - favorites: celery, carrots, pickles, or olives.
A slice of proscuitto.
Half of a Larabar - favorite: cherry pie.

Hope these were helpful! Happy snacking!
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Get those tiny tomatoes and wash them and eat them.

You could also slice up bigger tomatoes and some cucumbers, salt and pepper them, then eat them that way.

Baby carrots are good too.
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Constitute your trail mixture using products you like, including helping, raisins, nuts, whole wheat pretzels, cereals... you will end up shocked and you'll enjoy the fun musing about it upwards brand new products to set straight into your customized trail mixture.
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The word snack reminds me something tasty but not that healthy food for a quick lunch! But that's not all of it. You can make some natural, veggi or fruity snack of your own. It will be as per your taste and health.
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Nobody possesses virtually any tricks to reveal?
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