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Differences between FitDay PC v1 vs. v2???


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Default Differences between FitDay PC v1 vs. v2???


I've been using Fitday PC version 1 since about 2003. I have been thinking of getting the newer Fitday PC version 2 but concerned I will have to "start over" loading all of my custom foods back in and also lose all of my historical data.

I e-mailed FitDay to find out what the differences are between v1 and v2 and they sent me here to the forums.

Anyone out there who upgraded to version 2? If so, can you share the differences between the 2 versions? Do you like v2? Were you able to transfer your data?

Sorry for all the questions! Just trying to be an informed consumer if I decide to make this move. My thinking is that v2 has a better and more current food database, and other things....

BTW, I don't use the on-line version anymore ever since I got the PC version and I have no intention of paying for premium. So, if I go to v2 I would continue with sole use of the PC version (until they also get an android app).
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Sorry, I've never used the "old" version, hopefully someone else will chime in.

Just a thought, but how about getting Premium for one month, syncing, then canceling it (though it IS nice)?

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Hey Michael,

I'm really not interested in paying a monthly fee for Premium. I actually prefer the PC version but can't seem to find the differences between what I currently have (version 1) and PC version 2.

BTW, you would think the FitDay customer service person could answer that question (and not refer me to the forums for an answer)!
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Default Premium

Premium is only $49 for a whole YEAR. No monthly costs.
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Default Differences V1 to V2

Ok, I have searched and found little about the differences between the two version and then decided to purchase it after searching and finding a coupon code that takes the price down to $19.95. I have spent the last day looking for the differences and this is what I have found.

First, it's almost EXACTLY the same as the original except for the sync feature which only works if you have the premium version too.

It does keep all your custom foods and logs from previous years, but seems to have removed anything previous to 2004. I purchased mine in 2003 and have used it off and on since then, so was a little unhappy that it didn't keep the original files.

It does allow you to log foods separated by breakfast, lunch, dinner etc., but so did V1.

Personally I would say save yourself $19.95 and just use the old version. I really am seeing no difference between the two. I mean they haven't even updated things like printing a weeks worth of menu's rather than doing one at a time. In fact it still doesn't have any print updates and you are simply printing the report you are looking at on the screen. There isn't even an export feature to put it into a database to print more than one.

As I use it I will look for new things and try to update this for others, but really feel like I wasted money on the newest version. I'm still trying to find an answer to my question whether premium edition would allow me to sync two different accounts. I keep track of my husbands diet and mine, so it would be nice to use my tablet on the website to enter our diets. The problem is if I have to have two separate premium memberships then it's going to cost $100 a year and that's outrageous, in fact $49 a year is pretty high too.
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Thumbs down Premium pricing

Well, I received a response for the purchase of premium, while Fitday PC allows you to track more than one persons diet on your computer, the premium version has to be purchased for each online account. In a nutshell, I have to purchase the computer software, then premium for both my husband and I plus any kids I have. That's just NOT going to happen, especially since it's a subscription which means at the end of the year you have to pay it all over again. Here's the response:

"The Fitday Premium purchase is for one account only. If you and your husband both have Fitday online account and wish to upgrade them to premium you would need to each purchase a premium upgrade.


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