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Default Am I missing something.


I have seen Fitday recommended many times on various blogs etc. Recently in the comments section of a Paleo blog it was once again recommended so I opened it up. The good thing about Fitday is that it shows percentages of Polyunsaturated fats and such. That is why I want so bad to like Fitday. "BUT", I was a member before and switched to another site for the simple reason (the only reason actually) of the food choices. Again, maybe it's me and I'm just missing something. On the other site the search function brings up almost any food you can think of. It doesn't just come up with "beef, cooked"..."beef, broiled"...beef, lean" and so on. I can actually find (easily) specific brands or even supermarkets. I type in "Friendship low fat cottage cheese, no salt" and up it comes. On Fitday I couldn't find "Raw milk" or free range eggs or pastured chicken. Not even organic ground flax. Where am I going wrong?



I just realized that this section is for other questions. Sorry.....don't know where my question would fit. It refers to Fitday in general.

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My take is what works for you and helps is your choice. I enjoy FitDay and just custom my foods. A pound lost is a pound lost however we got there! Keep posting it really helps us all.
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Fitday has more bells and whistles and that's what I would like. However, to get an accurate reading on what I am consuming I (or anyone else I would suppose) needs accurate information on fat, sodium, calories etc. Different brands of the same product contain different amounts and varied calories. Percentages (pie chart) change with different nutritional values fat/carbs/sugars etc.
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Oh I almost forgot. 99% of the time I get my nutrition info from the actual product itself, not some possibly corrupted calorie count from someone else who's mis-read the label. That way I KNOW my information is correct. I learned that once I realised that user-submitted information on some of the other sites is just way off. Try looking up "Costco Combo Pizza" at Livestong. 4651 calories *per slice" I don't think so! Calories in Costco Pizza, Combo (one slice) - Nutrition Facts, and Healthy Alternatives.

I think the mixup in the Costco Pizza is because some look at the whole pizza as a serving ( a personal pizza). It's more interpretation than a site/people error.

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fitday questions, food search

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