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Fiber for net carbs missing!!??


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Question Fiber for net carbs missing!!??

Please help!

Today, the website changed, and now I can't find my carb counts for fiber in grams!! I NEED THIS TO CALCULATE NET CARBS!! All I can see is the percent RDA for fiber. I need net carbs as my number-one thing I use this site for when planning my meals!!!

****UPDATE: After making this post, I clicked on the link at the top of the page to get back to my foods, and the site REVERTED to the one I'm used to, where my net carbs are plainly visible, relief, relief, as I was panicking, panicking, and wondering what other site I now am forced to change to because this site no longer has what I need, BUT I THINK YOU ARE CHANGING THE WEBSITE because I took the tour on that other FitDay page that came up when I tried to go to my food when I came in today, so there is clearly some other website format you are bringing online? If you are BETA TESTING or something, please know I don't like your new site page setup. There are too many bigger ads, the information I want is smaller on the screen, you've added an extra click to delete a food, MY NET CARBS ARE MISSING (really, why don't you have total carbs and then net carbs on the main daily food tally totals anyway? There's a big difference between 45 daily carbs in my listed total on my food list and the 23.2 carbs listed in the below chart on the food page.), and the daily weight was harder to enter and to figure out. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T MAKE THIS HARDER FOR ME!!! Are you changing the website? PLEASE TELL ME. Are you getting rid of my carb gram counts where I can see them. PLEASE TELL ME. I don't care about percent RDA. The site I'm used to is simpler on the eye, less ad intrusive, has clearer data display, and is easier to navigate. I didn't like the weight graph smooshed over to the right side, when the one I'm used to is in the middle of the page and easier to see as far as the graph goes. Look how simple Google keeps their page!!!! There's a reason for that!!!! I am freaking out here that you are gooking up your site, removing what I need, and more prominently featuring ads at the expense of user content and user ease.

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