Subway Sandwiches?

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  • I cannot find the subway sandwiches to add to the foods list. Do they exist or do I have to dissect the sandwich and figure out everything on it and add it ingredient by ingredient?? A 6" turkey sandwich with nothing but veggies and mustard would take more time to enter in than to eat it?!?!?
  • you can go to the subway website and get the info then just add it to 'create custom foods'
  • Yea I had a turkey today too. I picked up a nutrition pamphlet at the store and just entered it as a custom food. It was super fast cuz it was right in front of me. I think subway should definately be on the food list tho. I live in the country and all we have out here fast food wise is subway and sonic. which are just brand new over the past year
  • I'll have to do that
    I'll have to create a few customs then. I do not have cheese or mayo on them and as many veggies as they can cram on them.. a little mustard on the turkey, but the chicken is left dry. - Thanks for the input.
  • I wish there was a way we could copy custom foods from each other without having to re-enter it all. I've had a 6" Turkey sub without cheese or condiments on my custom food list forever and I'd love to share it...but fitday doesn't seem to have a way to do that (yet).
  • No Brand Name Fast Food Categories?
    I would absolutely love to see a fast food category. Just like everyone was saying about Subway's. Then have the 6" Turkey and be able to click on and "add" additional condiments! That would really help everyone! Fitday should add that. Let's all email and request it. If enough of us ask for it, maybe they will put it on. I would even pay for the Premium site if they offer that option.

    Success to ALL!!!
  • When I go to a restaurant, I open their nutritional info in a second browser window, customize it to the way I ordered it, and add it as a custom food. Since I tend to eat the same things each time I go, it's really not that much of a pain, and certainly easier than trying to dissect what was in the sandwich and entering in the separate ingredients. I eat Subway and Taco Bell's fresco menu fairly often, my work schedule sometimes doesn't leave much room for food prep or shopping. And sometimes I'm just plain lazy
  • You will have to make it a custom food of your own. Go to the Web Site for Subway's nutritional info. then take your regular items that you usually get and find out what the calories are for them. Nothing is ever 100% correct with the calories so just add them up with the label for your subway sandwich and it should be more accurate.
  • I too create a custom food since I usually just get the chicken sub and no cheese. You have to watch because some veges you think are lo cal are higher in calories. I did not realize how many calories are in olives and love them on my sub.
  • I like Subway, but they put all sorts of junk into their bread and meats. I usually get the black forest ham for the little shot of protein.



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