Are they milking this cash cow product

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Default Are they milking this cash cow product

Very few foods listed on the food list.

Very much pia to add so many common store bought foods.

They are soooooooo far behind.

Has anyone else noticed this or is it just the food I am eating ???
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You are not alone.

Really, I've stopped searching through the foods lists and just started creating custom foods for everything. It's easier than searching through pages trying to find the simplest things.

It is a bit of a pain, and I think the food lists that they have pretty well suck but I still find this tool very helpful and hopefully you will, too. Good luck!
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Default Thank you for the response

Hopefully I do not have a whole bunch of foods to enter - maybe 30 to 40 to start
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Default I like your comment

Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.
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I find often the foods ARE there, but you have to enter your search just right to find them. And it does not seem to care what order you put your search terms in. Cheese cracker and cracker cheese flavor both bring up the same pages, listing all the cheeses in the universe first Don't pluralize anything. You can't find "eggs" but you can find "egg" for example. Entering custom foods is a PITA at first, but once you get going it gets easier, especially if you're like me and eat a lot of the same foods every day/week. I click on the "view recent foods" link and check all the things I will eat that day, then "add checked".
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Default Browse foods

I've also found that using the "browse" foods rather than the "search" feature is more effective. It is a little more intuitive for me. But beware, FitDay uses an average calorie or nutrient value for most foods.

Although a calorie is a calorie, and an Oz is an Oz, the exact nutrient value in the item you have in your kitchen depends on many things, particularly additives in the case of processed food. Calorie values even in non-processed, whole foods can vary somewhat because of biology. Nature doesn't always follow the same recipe when making an apple or a chicken. And things like storage can alter the contents. Slightly freezer burn meats will be a little more concentrated in protein per Oz, because they have dried out, for example.

So, my advise is to think of many calorie values as "plus or minus" a few calories. If you are on a strick calorie regime, intentionally err on the side of caution, because human nature will have us under estimating our consumption.

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Default Thank you both

for very helpful comments
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My wife and I both have accounts here now, is there anyway for her to use my custom foods? I have hundreds and she doesn't want to have to create them all as well.
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