green beans wrong in fitday??

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Maybe a reason for the difference, is when you cook green beans they soften and you can get a WHOLE LOT MORE in a cup measure! At least that is what I find with cooked beans, carrots, etc. Softer food measures differently. So your best bet if you are using fresh food is scroll down that list of food and find how your food is prepared among the listing... such as, Green Beans, cooked, from Frozen, boiled, drained without salt. I happen to like the varied listings, especially when I am eating food that someone else has prepared. I can get a view of how the rest of the world eats... and how to accurately log that food.
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does anyone happen to have any 'canned green beans' around they can tell me the info? thanks!
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Default Green Beans

Get the info from the USDA data base and enter it as a custom food.
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From the bodybuilding forums I learned green beans is a very clean food. A 1 cup serving is suppose to be 33 calories as is pretty much any other green vegetable cooked in just water such as broccoli. I noticed it was off on green beans too so I would just enter it as a custom food. I'm adding a lot of my own custom foods because I find the #s are very different in Fitday from the yogurt and milk I use for instance. Same thing with my whey protein powder now that I think about it. There's going to be variations based on brands so if you might as well enter in your own info if you use the same thing everyday.
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Originally Posted by ToriD1012
Do you have a food scale? I've found it easier to accurately calculate when I'm weighing vs measuring my food. I think I picked up mine at Wal-Mart for less than $20. I made fresh green beans last sunday and once weighed out only had like 20something calories in my portion. And it was a fairly large portion. Just something else to consider
I agree with Tori. I have a kitchen scale and I measure everything by weight. I think it's more accurate that way. The amount in a cup can vary by how tightly or loosely you cram it in there, but an oz is an oz is an oz. I measure how many ounces or grams I want and then cook it. If it is a steamed vegetable there should be no additional calories, even though the weight might be different after cooking. If I saute or fry I add the oil or butter as a separate item. Hope this helps.
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