Android App?

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Default Android App?

is the re a fitday app for the new Droid phone?
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I would love to see this as well! In the meantime, I am able to access the full website from my Droid, I just have to zoom in and such. But it works. So once I syn my web account with my PC version, I'm able to access my data on the go. It's not idea, sure, but it works. A real app would be SO much better though.
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I have just begun tracking my food and exercise and I am trying to determine which program to use. My nutritionist recommended this one, but I need to track sodium and the free version one does not seem to do it and I can't find whether the premium or the PC version will do it and I am not willing to shell out $60 just to find out.

I am using an Android app for two other trackers. One android app was free, the other $2.99. They have barcode scanning capability which is a real plus. They also sync to the website.
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Default Need a Fitday Android app

I've just started tracking my food intake with Fitday, and one thing that would make it vastly easier would be a simple app to add foods into my food log.
Any Android devs here who fancy giving it a bash? I'd pay for this and so would others I expect :-)

EDIT: I see an app discussion is already ongoing in the forum...

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Default Ridiculous!!!

I cannot believe that FitDay still does not have an Android app. What's the deal people??? It's a shame because I love fitday but I'm going to have to switch to Calorie Counter or SparkPeople because I can track on my Droid X.
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I agree completely. The other Android apps that attempt to do similar things are practically useless.
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Default Another Android user looking for the app

I have been on Fit Day since early this year and have enjoyed the features. I share the information with my trainer and my doc. I have just made the transition to the new smart phone aka Android. I used to have a Samsung with MS on it and found it was really useful, so was happy to upgrade to the Android. It would be terrific if FitDay added an Android app.
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Default Android app in discussion?

ok - haven't found that yet, but would LOVE to have this on my phone!
I am just making the transition to Android - AND LOVE IT!!!
I am not stranded if there is no internet anymore -!
would pay a couple bucks, but i imagine the success of fit day as is would just spread faster with an android app.

here's to fit days awesome website and incredible help to me to stay clear about my food/excercise balance.
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Default FitDay app for Android?

Is there an app for Android in the making? I love FitDay, but since I'm always on the go, I need something to take on my phone. I don't really want to switch to any of the others that have Android apps--they're not as good as FitDay!
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Default Droid App

I don't think so but I am trying to see if there is one in the works. I just met w/ my trainer today and this is the program of choice he wants me to use for tracking/reporting my food intake. Sure would be nice if there was an app for the EVO. I have been using on that has a barcode scanner that is totally awesome!
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