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Question New, got a couple questions

Hello there, my name is Kayla and I'm new to this website but so far I really like it. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now off and off (had a pretty rough couple of weeks but if I'm still on track after all that, I got this! lol)

Also, I am going to apologize ahead of time if this particular question has already been answered or if I am in the wrong area, I read the rules but didn't have time to read all the previous posts on the forum lol.

Any who, my biggest question is: when I go in and make a custom food (like I've been doing with mostly all my foods) Ill enter everything in and I'll put "Beef Broth (1/2c)" for the title- so I know how much the serving size is...

Now to my biggest question- lets say I use 1/4c instead of 1/2c I would put the new serving size as '.5' right? In my mind, this will cut the 1/2 serving size in half to create a new serving size of 1/4c...Simple enough I thought I had everything figured out and was good to go until I was talking to my mom and she said no I should be putting .25 because that equals 1/4c. I tried to tell my mom that I entered the 1/2c serving size so there for the calculator would not automatically know to go off of 1c (in my mind it would convert 1/2c into 1/4ths that would actually be 1/8c, not 1/4c)..... so now I'm pretty confused if someone could just clarify that for me I would be so grateful!! Am I over thinking this?! I don't want to be going off the wrong numbers!

My next minor question is where can you make your signature for the posts?

Thanks so much!!

Again, sorry if this has already been covered/in the wrong area I just want to make sure I am clear on how to enter my info- If I'm gonna do this I might as well make sure I'm doing it right!
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Hi Kayla, welcome!

To answer your questions:

You are correct that you would enter ".5" as your serving, since 1/4 cup is half (or .5) of your serving size of half a cup -- your mom would be correct if your info was entered originally for one cup! So you've got it! Go math!

For your second question: To make a signature, look at the top of the forum. You'll see a narrow blue bar that goes across the top - it says "User CP" then "New Posts" then "Search" etc. Click the "User CP" option, and you'll see a menu to your left. One of the options there is to "Edit Signature" and then you can put whatever you like in your sig

Hope this helps!
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You can also find more information about the forum here:

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