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Question carbs into net carbs

when you put in a food and it calculates the carbs, how do you convert into net carbs? or does it do it automaticly?
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Right now FitDay has no facility to calculate Net carbs. Sorry. Hopefully it will be added in the future.

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net carbs are total carbs - fiber - sugar alcohol. Example total carbs 40g, fiber 7g, sugar alcohol 4g. Net Carb = 29g
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I do low carb but I'm too lazy to accurately figure out my net carbs because when I started low carbing I noticed that some foods seemed "to good to be true" when I totaled the net carb grams.

I researched it and realized "sugar alcohol" was misleading when trying to calculate net carbs.

Sugar alcohol = non digestive carbs = 0 calories? (or a minimal ".0something" at best) Only 2 actually have a GI of 0. Maltitol Syrup was a 52 GI and in a lot of foods labeled low carb.

Comparison of Sugar and Sugar Alcohols

Ingredient Sweetness-GI-Cal/g

Sucrose(sugar) 100% 60 4
Maltitol Syrup 75% 52 3
Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate 33% 39 2.8
Maltitol 75% 36 2.7
Xylitol 100% 13 2.5
Isomalt 55% 9 2.1
Sorbitol 60% 9 2.5
Lactitol 35% 6 2
Mannitol 60% 0 1.5
Erythritol 70% 0 0.2

Just about every site had the same advice for figuring out your net carbs. Only subtract fiber.

I wanted to see what the difference was by tracking the specific sugar alcohols and checking to see if the product was using the North American label system, not the European one which list the net carbs under the regular carbs.

My net carb total was about 20g higher then I thought. My total carb % was actually more accurate.

My pancake syrup actually had 9 net carbs, not zero like the label made you think.

My low carb tortillas already had the net carbs subtracted in the total carb but it didn't say it anywhere on the label. I found out after I googled several sites.

I may be misunderstanding the whole net carb thing but as long as I am in the 60-80g total carb range I don't bother subtracting the net or the fiber because sometimes they already did that on the label.

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Exclamation "Net Carbs" is Crucial Factor for Many


New to the site and disappointed to find that the net carbs are not tallied on here...

So in order to track that I have to make all of my own custom entries and fudge the carb counts?? REALLY??

As I look around, there are several features which are nice. But if they can't accurately support all of the Atkins/Protein Power/Low-Carb users, then it seems like they don't want our business.

I sincerely hope that I am wrong.
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I think that net carbs is a concept invented by a low-carb diet book writer. I don't remember which one - Michael Eades, maybe? I know that the medical associations such as ADA (American Diabetes Association) don't use it as a measure.
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Default Net Carbs

As someone who did points with Weight Watchers years ago they didn't have the concept of "net carbs" but the points were lower if there were more grams of fiber in the food. So technically while they didn't call it net carbs it was the same idea as what I track now on Atkins.
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