Numbers don't add up

  • Using the formula of 1 g of fat = 9 cal, 1 g of carb = 4 cal and 1 g of protein = 4 cal, the numbers don't add up.

    Example -- Yesterday I ate:
    60.2 g fat. FitDay says thats 534 cals. 60.2 x 9 = 541.8
    25.3 g carb FitDay says 97 cals. 25.3 x 4 = 101,2
    100.7 protein FitDays 425 cals. 100.7 x 4 = 402.8

    My totals = 1045.8 cals
    FitDay = 1064.0 cals

    Thats a diff, in this case of 19 cals or about 2% +/- I've only done this for a single day.

    Doesn't seem like a lot but this may be more substantial for the more substantial, so to speak.

    Any thoughts?
  • Where did you find this formula? Considering that most everything with this is an estimate, I'm actually kinda impressed that we would be that accurate if the formula is correct.
  • The values of protein, fat, & carb grams converted to calories is all over the internet. It's usually called the 4-9-4 or 4-4-9 or somesuch. I'm trying to find the balance of protein, carb, fat that will suit my needs and body.

    I can survive on sub 1k calories and about 25 g carbs on the Atkins but it leaves me constipated. I looked at the Zone but combinations of food don't make sense to me so I decided to experiment with different percentages mostly between fats and carbs.

    To alleviate the constipation I drink at least 6 oz of fresh orange juice along with a small home made bran muffin. That totals out at 36 carbs. Add that to my 25 and it's 61 which really isn't that bad.

    All in all, the FitDay program is really OK. I'm just wondering if this makes any difference for people who use consume 2000 or more daily calories.
  • okay, well this doesn't answer the original question, but are you tracking NET or TOTAL carbs? If NET, have you tried taking a fiber pill or adding flax seed to help with constipation?
  • I'm tracking total carbs. What are net carbs? I know that the Atkins plans use that term.

    I've tried a variety of constipation remedies including virtually all OTC "fixes." The one that works best for me has always been big glass of OJ and a small home made bran muffin. The other standby is a large bowl of oatmeal with 2 heaping tsp of wheat bran. I tried putting the wheat bran in a blended protein drink but it was...not nice.

    I'm also taking "Now" brand "8 Billion Acidophilus & Bifidus" pills. 2 in the morning and 2 at night. But since I went to the 25 and less carb route the acidophilus has remained ineffective.
  • Net Carbs are Total Carbs - Fiber - Sugar Alcohol (NOT SUGAR)

    30g Total Carbs
    15g Fiber
    5g Sugar Alcohol
    = 10g Net Carbs

    OJ is killing your carb count. If you were to get Fiber Pills (100% fiber) you would be taking in 0 Net Carbs. Are you new to a low carb diet?
  • I tried a low carb diet about 15 years ago. I was on it for a year. First, let me say that my weight is considered normal by most standards but over the years I've developed a spare tire that I can't get rid of, hence, the diet.

    After a year, I gained 5 lbs and felt lousy most of the time. In retrospect, I believe most of the problems had nothing to do with the diet.

    Recently, I began an exhausting regimen at the local Gold's. I love the workouts but at age 69, I can't recover fast enough so I began looking at different ways to eat so I can recover faster and still shed some pounds. In this case I'd like to loose at least 15 lbs.

    The Atkins style diet allows me to eat, eat & eat. It gives me a bit of insomnia but I think that's because I'm so wired up I don't need as much sleep. I'll take a look at Fiber Pills because I'd rather not even think about OJ at this time. As a long time OJ addict I've found that I feel better when I don't drink it so that's easy.

    I guess the extremist in me will only ever count total carbs over net carbs but that's OK as I realize that I don't have to kick start my metabolism.

    On top of all of this, I training to run a local race here called the Main Street Mile which is one of the crazy races where the SWAT and Fire Departments race in FULL GEAR and usually come in the top 10%. Us old guys do if for the fun aspect but we get 90 year olds running it so I've decided it's time for me to get involved.
  • Has sleep always been an issue? Do you workout late in the everning?

    That race sounds like fun. I recently did a race and took picks of 2 firemen in their full gear carrying a huge American flag.


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