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Default No Export Function

Searching on "export" yields zero messages.

Exporting to txt or csv seems like it would be a basic function.

Copying the screen and pasting into excel does not seem to work without a lot of macro programming to rearrange the items and numbers.

Any comment?
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Old 02-02-2011, 05:23 PM   #2
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Workaround for those interested in getting your food logs into Excel.

1. Go to a daily food log page.
2. In browser, click "Save Page As" and save html page to your hard drive.
3. Open the html page you saved in Word, not Excel.
4. After a bit, the entire page will show. Click on small square at top left corner of the table of food log values and Ctrl-C to copy.
5. Open new spreadsheet in Excel and Ctrl-V paste.
6. Clean up the column widths, etc.

Your food log will now be in Excel for other mathematical manipulations, sorting, etc.

I just did this and it works fine. Lots of steps, but better than the non-existent export function in Fitday.
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