running advice help i am new!!!!!!!!!

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Default running advice help i am new!!!!!!!!!

i really wanted to increase my stamina and fitness so i started to jog..... around football ground .... it is like 400mts right ..... so
1st day... 2 rounds(
2nd day.... 4rounds
3rd day..... 5 rounds
4th day ......6 rounds
.(almost every day i increased 1 round.. )
8th day ( i felt i hav to work out more so after 8 rounds i was fully exhausted i took a ten min rest and ran again for 2 more rounds was fine)(i.e, rounds without a break and after break, did this for rest of the days)
(on 10th day i realized we have to do warm up and cool down.....)
15th day.....16 rounds (i felt i could do 1 more round and 5 min rest and did 2 more rounds)
16th rounds couldn't do exhausted )
17th (somehow i did 17.... ) 17.....but took rest and did only 1)

*should i keep on increasing no of rounds every day..... then what about 10% rule
its for 1 week right i am doing like for 3 days.....???

*and about my phase ... i kept const speed and at last does one full speed round.... i felt good.... should i increase the speed for every round or inc no.of rounds????

>>now i feel i have to have some experts guidance....plz help and tell me if i am
doing anything wrong
thank you
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Hi there
I would suggest you check out a forum on a running're likely to get more response and more informed guidance. Try

Hope this helps!
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Where did you get the program that you are following?

Can you start a cycle that you feel comfortable with then start the cycle again? For example: if you think your limit is 16, then start the cycle again, maybe starting a 4 rounds, increasing 1 each day until you get to 16 and see how you feel.

If you feel like you've gained enough stamina to be able to go to 17 very easily, then make 17 your new 'limit' and start the cycle again - this time starting with 5 rounds and see if you can go to 17.

I have no idea - I'm not a runner and coolrunning is a better resource. It seems like what you want is a program you can follow that will push you a little bit until you comfortably can adjust to a new level of fitness. NOT just adding a new round every day (where would it end?)
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I would suggest you play football for increase stamina. There are many exercise fitness programs but I think sports is the best thing for fitness like football is the world famous sports activity so I think we have to give some time to play football. we have to watch world leagues and football cups for interest in football so that's why we can be used to paly football like nowadays Afcon 2017 has started.

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