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Default Custom meals and recipes builder

Folks, new here -- nice app.

But one thing jumps out as an obvious need: a recipe builder. The custom food builder seems to require me to insert all the nutritional details for the food, apparently adding everything from each ingredient together by hand and plugging it into a single list.

Why not allow me, for example, to create the item "breakfast" from specific selections of cheerios, milk and strawberries and record it that way, by adding the components of each? Then I call "breakfast" as a single combined meal for each day's log.

Of course, I could do the same for my homemade chili, allowing for (among other things) my low salt version compared for canned chilis.

I've seen other food logs do this, and am very surprised I can't see it here. It's combining the data from several database items into a combined unit.

Or am I missing something that others find obvious?

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You can create "breakfast" as a custom food...just go ahead a day to a blank food log, enter all the components, then take the info and make it a custom food, give it a name, then just enter that whenever it is eaten.

I guess I'm not clear on what you're asking for. But once you've done it once this way, all you have to do is enter "breakfast" again, so it's pretty quick.

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What I do is create a seperate spreadsheet for my on recipes. I then use that data to create a custom food for fitday. For example, today I had a pork stew with a variety of veggies. I entered all the components into a stand alone spreadsheet and then used those results to make a custom food.
I know it seems like a good deal of work, but it works for me.
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These are certainly plausible, but awkward solutions. They require users to save everything on the Calories and Nutrition tabs to another file or open a separate browser window in order to hop back and forth between windows to manually enter that information into the custom food screen—the data is not in a format for bulk cutting and pasting.

Would it be possible to add a “make this day into a custom food” button that would pre-populate the calorie and nutrition totals you have entered for a day into the Nutrition Facts fields for a new custom food? Then all you would have to do is name the custom food. This is essentially the same as a recipe builder, and would make your example of going ahead a day to create a blank food log for “breakfast” a much more convenient option.
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Default I'm new to FitDay started today

Hello Guys,

my name is Meda and this is my first day here on Fitday but I'm not a new to dieting. I'm doing low carb diet called the Dukan in the Cruise phase, he is a french doctor from Europe who came out with a book.

I want to track my calories because I have put my body into starvation mode many of times and ran into a stall. So I want to track my cal intake and I want to start exercising. My question is I dont' understand the report part of it.

I am a female that weights 208.8 I'm 5'4"
and want to lose about 58 - 60 pounds
by October or sooner. Fitday saids

Timespan 27 Weeks 1 Day

Weight Goal 150.0 lbs NOW: 208.8 lbs

Pounds to Lose 58.8 lbs

Pounds per Day 0.31 lbs

Pounds per Week 2.17 lbs

Calories You Burn 2622

Calories to Eliminate 1083

Calories to Eat 1539

I need to know how many calories to eat and how much exercise to do in a day?
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