Request: Would like tracking of sugar

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Yes! Tracking sugar in foods would be a VERY helpful improvement!
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Default Yes please FITDAY

I just want to chim in and ask Fitday to add a sugar tracking. We like to know. Thanks!!
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Yes!! I've been using fitday since maybe 2002(?) and never for the life of me been able to figure out why sugar is not included. It seems like a very necessary thing to track.

Please, please, please add sugar tracking.
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please add sugar to the custom food section, as well as in the other foods.
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Just read through this thread and looks like the request for sugar has been out there for a while—any updates from FitDay on whether or not this feature will be added anytime soon?
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Yes, absolutely, can't understand why they do not show this?? So important! is offline  
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Default Nutrition Info - Sugar?

Please forgive me if someone has already posted on this issue. I did not bother to check.

Why is there no breakdown for sugar under the carbs? I personally would like to see how much sugar I am taking in daily. I also would like to see a carb breakdown, similar to the fat breakdown among saturated, poly, and mono.

This is really for the Classic and the 2.0 versions because neither version has this. Posting under 2.0 because of the breakdown chart question.

Any help or answers are greatly appreciated.

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Default sugar and caffeine

Please add sugar and caffeine tracking. Thank you!
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Default Sugar tracking

Was originally excited to try this site per recommendation. Not being able to track sugar is a deal breaker for me.
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Default Please track sugar

Does Fitday have a deal with C&H lol? I can't see why Fitday would

1) leave out sugar tracking
2) ignore 2 years of requests for 1 single data field ( I'm seeing requests going back to 2010 ).

Hell, make it part of the premium upgrade! People will pay for it I'm sure.
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