Worth $50 to upgrade?


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Default Worth $50 to upgrade?

I have used and loved Fit Day on and off for years but the upgrade of six months (?) and the accompanying ads, I feel, are unbearable. To those whose know, who have switched - is it worth paying $50 to get rid of the ads? Do the pages really load "seamlessly"? Thanks for your input
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Default For me it was...

The value of the upgrade was worth it to me. Your value assessment may differ.
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I haven't used premium, but it sounds as if it works quite well. Consider, also, that it's only about a dollar per week. So, you would only have to cut one cup of coffee for a couple of weeks or cut something like a glass of wine for eight! However, you say that you have only used FitDay sporadically. Maybe it's not that big of a deal for you (it's not worth it for me). I can see how it could be an extremely valuable tool for lots of people; you'll have to judge how much it makes a difference to your health and the additional tools and performance of the site.
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I upgraded when they added the "extra step" for entering foods and that alone was worth it for me.

the entire thing is fairly seamless, it seems to be having a few minor issues over the last couple of weeks ( but i am sure they are on the regular accounts also)
I can enter an entire day in about 5 minutes or less.

And like you i have been using FD on and off for years but since i have paid, I have not missed inputting my foods in over 6 months no matter how bad i was that day.
If you pay for something you tend to use it.
which has kept me accountable and I have had the most success at my weight loss in years
I will be renewing my account when it comes up
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