Let them track Folic Acid!

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Exclamation Let them track Folic Acid!

I have searched through the forums and found that in 2010 (!!!!!!) there were a number of suggestion posts for adding folic acid to the dietary tracker. Since then, every now and then a new one pops up. Yet here I am, end of 2016, writing yet another post saying just that.

Just a quick summary:

Fact 1: Folate (or folic acid, also known as Vitamin B9) is a water soluble Vitamin. Meaning, it requires a steady intake of it.

Fact 2: Folic acid is incredibly important, in particular for women during their pregnancy but also before (as well as children, adolescents and elderly).

Fact 3: Worldwide averages of childbearing women and folic deficiency range between 10-40 percent of women (eg UK 14%).

Fact 4:. It is estimated that at least two thousand birth defects could be avoided yearly with sufficient folic acid in the US alone. (note- a country where fortified folic acid is common and with relatively available healthcare and prenatal care)

Now some might say that its an unimportant nutrient, since the focus group seems to be pregnant women and those trying to conceive. Well, it's true that its incredibly important for those in particular, but between improving your cardiovascular system and decreasing risks for Alzheimers, cancers and stroke, folic acid isn't completely useless.

And really, quite a few of the nutrients we can track here are no brainers. I might not be able to get 100% every day, but one would have to put some real effort into it to actually achieve a nutrient deficiency in them. Unlike Folic acid.

I love this site. It is far more intuitive than most, it is captivating, informative, useful. But I am one of MILLIONS of women worldwide who's doctor recommends an increase in folate/folic acid. Currently I have an extra sheet of paper tracking it. Other women aren't at all, and it's risking not just their well being, but really, the well being of our future.

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Agreed!!! I had emailed FitDay asking about this a few years ago but I can't remember what their response was. But maybe if more people are asking for it there will be an interest in including folate or folic acid. Here's hoping! But a response from FitDay would also be helpful.
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