Question for the runners...


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Question Question for the runners...

Hi everyone...

Didn't want to hijack the running thread but I have a question that could benefit from your experience. I have just finished Couch to 5K and would like some suggestions as to what to do next. If you all could think back to your early days of running and give me some tips, that would be great.

I don't know if I should work on increasing speed, increasing distance, increasing both??? I did C25K based on time, and while I can go for 30 minutes at least, it's not really 5K in terms of distance yet.

Basically I would do the C25K 3 times a week; I now have one day a week of run/walk interval training, one low intensity cardio day, and one or two days of tennis as well. I am looking for some direction to continue the running a couple days a week. It's kind of cool, since I was always the "lagger" in school when we'd have to run in phys ed.

Thanks for your thoughts!
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When I became a re-converted runner — after about 5 years off — I took it real slow.

I used to run 1200 to 1500 miles a year. It was real humbling coming back 1 mile at a time. But that is what I did. I’d run 1 mile – and do that distance for a month. Then I would add a 1/4 mile more — and so forth.

I have gotten back to now running half-marathons.

This is my way to say that you need to build a base up for your body. Endurance happens as you add mileage or time. When you feel proficient at a distance or a time (even if you have to walk a little) push yourself to add a 1/4 mile more or 5 minutes more to your run.

There is a thing called the 10% rule. Add no more than 10% of what you are doing in order to build up the base.

Your whole body, the muscles, the breathing, the mind, and the bones all will get stronger as you build your base mileage up.

You’ll find over time that the addition becomes multiplication. Just as an example — during the whole calendar year (2009) I ran 480 miles. Today, for this calendar year I am at 255 miles already. I expect that I will come in close to 1000 miles for the year. In 2008 I ran 250 miles. See, the build up is slow and gradual.
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I agree with Skypilot. Work on endurance, ie distance. You are getting lots of intensity bursts with tennis and your gym work. What is missing is the steady aerobic training.

I can't really add anything to Skypilot's excellent training suggestion except that the first time I ran for an hour (about 5 miles) I was so excited I was bouncing off the walls all day.

Besides it is fun conquering old bug-a-boos... As you are finding out.
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