Experience: Do You Exercise?

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Question Experience: Do You Exercise?

Hello, all! I am new to the forum (well, new to fitday) but a long-time calorie counter. I am a college student (21 and healthy) and I find that I have limited opportunities to exercise at a gym. In a given day, I am usually in class or studying for 12 out of 16-hours day. Most of my activity comes from walking to and from class (40 minutes round-trip) and climbing flights of stairs. Since studying takes so much time and I am active enough (in my opinion), I do not have a strict gym schedule. I watch my diet and limit carbs.

I am curious what your experience has been with exercise:

*Do you exercise?
*Did you exercise during weight loss? How much and how much of what type (aerobic, anaerobic) of exercise did you choose?
*To the best of your knowledge, what type of "diet" did you choose - was it low in carbs, low in fat, high in protein, moderate protein, etc.?

Would love to hear other people's experiences!
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I use to compete in bodybuilding. I have been lifting weights for over 10 years now and I also do cardio. I do other types of metabolic workouts, squat jumps, box jumps, jumping jacks etc...

they kick my butt right now since my endurance is in the gutter and I am 40 pounds over weight. My goal is to lose about 15-20 pounds. I still have alot of muscle but also have managed to gain fat.

I eat, lift, sleep REPEAT!

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I exercise, and in the past I continued to exercise while losing weight. I didn't use exercise for weightloss, but I was doing a bodyweight routine (was traveling at the time) with a little running. My weightloss diet was mostly protien - I strove to get about 50% from protien with the rest about equally divided between fat and carbs. It was a reduced calorie diet and the weight fell off.

Now I still exercise, but for strength, and it mostly consists of barbell routines with some running and walking. I'm also eating higher calories and trying to tweak my macros closer to the above.
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I started exercising with the goal of losing weight. I exercise regularly five days a week for between 30 minutes and an hour. The majority of my work outs consist of running, with about an hour a week dedicated to weight training, as well as a little bit of cross training (elliptical, cycling, tennis, etc).
I have found that exercise is essential to both weight loss and weight maintenance. It will burn unwanted calories (because you can't have a perfect and strict diet 100% of the time) and it increases your metabolism so that you will burn more calories doing basic activities (even sitting in class). Exercise builds confidence, strength, and energy that can help you concentrate in school.
I haven't put a lot of focus into a certain type of diet, because those usually are not sustainable past a particular period of time. I calorie count, because at the end of the day, weight loss, gain, or maintenance are all determined by caloric intake. But I have also limited or eliminated foods that do not contribute to my overall health (sugary drinks, excess sweets, fast food), and started making smarter choices such as choosing whole grains over refined, choosing lean sources of protein (fish and chicken over red meat), and eating more fruit and vegetables. That's the type of "diet" that you can continue!
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You talk about fast food - when I'm entering foods into Fitday, and I have to log a fast food meal, it makes me cringe when I see my macros.
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