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Old 03-07-2012, 03:21 PM   #1
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Default elliptical anyone?

Hey anyone have elliptical? i just bought one. i currently have treadmill and recumbent bike. i walk/run every day 3 miles a day. then i try to ride bike three times a week 3 times.

Looking to add elliptical too.

I have a job that keeps me seated so i need to move when in front of tv. yes my equipment will be in front of all tvs.
Just wondeing if anyone dislikes their elliptical and why or if yoy love it why.

I am hoping the elliptical will be good on my old joints. i am 46.
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Old 03-07-2012, 05:56 PM   #2
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The elliptical is my primary form of cardio. I use the ones at my gym. I have a bad knee and the elliptical lets me run without pounding on my knee. I like the motion, always reminds me of ice skating. Good luck with yours!

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My log: http://www.fitday.com/fitness/Public...Owner=rpmcduff
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Old 03-08-2012, 04:59 AM   #3
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I have access to a couple of different elipticals and like a certain kind for different reason.
I like the one with a hood over the foot so it doesn't slip out and goes in a more rounded movement. Whereas the others are more straighter movement and are harder on my knees. Don't try them out for a couple of minutes if you are buying one, give it a good go before you buy.
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Old 04-07-2012, 05:59 AM   #4
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I have a Pro Form 14.0 CE and really dig mine. It's kinda big but my hubby likes to go fast so I needed a large sturdy one, but the back folds up when I need more room. I have a bad hip and it makes a big difference

current weight: 180
goal weight: 140

all because I over ate
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Old 04-11-2012, 04:10 PM   #5
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Wink Love my elliptical

I purchased an AFG 4.1 elliptical in the beginning of march and have been working out 6 days a week ever since. I mix up my workouts by doing intervals with weight lifting, and also using different workout DVDs. No impact, so it's easier on the knees and ankles. (I'm 50) I like having a heart monitor,which let's me keep my workouts intense, and I like varying the resistance and incline.
Having good music is the key to having a good workout! (Watching TV slows me down)

Hope you enjoy your elliptical,

6 mars :217 lbs
11 april: 206
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Old 04-12-2012, 08:14 AM   #6
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lol I had to Google what a elliptical is !!!!!! Looks fun!
No way am I going to be fat and 50!
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Old 04-12-2012, 07:33 PM   #7
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Default Ellipticals

I am 54 years old and when I needed to lose weight I started with a treadmill. Then I joined the Y and started using their ellipticals. It is my go-to machine. Easy on the joints and imo gives the best overall workout/calorie burn (DO use the arms). You may want to start slow and work yourself up. I started by using my treadmill then switching to the E for 5 minutes then back to the treadmill. Each day increase your E time by 5 minutes or whatever you can do. You may find that even after you are accustomed to the E you will still get that muscle burn the first few minutes but it subsides and then you can get into a nice rythm! I exercise at a slower pace when watching TV or reading a book so when I want to kick it up I turn on the tunes. I am NOT an exercise nut and exercise has not been a regular part of my life for 30 years but I worked myself up to 1 hour and 600 calories each day I worked out. If I can do it, anyone can.
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