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Exclamation FitDay for Bodybuilding & Competition Athletes (Questions)

Hello everyone! WHAT AN AWESOME TOOL I have found in FitDay - I don't know what the exact rules are, so to avoid breaking any, let me just say I tried "other" on-line tools and programs/resources, and they didn't come close to the organization and user interface of FitDay! I am SO HAPPY to have found it, and I'm contemplating using FitDay PC and spending the $20 on the full no-ad version of the software - but have a few questions that weren't covered in the tour or FAQ's please

1) The largest flaw I find in FitDay, is that is doesn't allow you to record/group your daily eaten foods by/into seperate meals - which would allow for a great overarching visualization and ability to according plan and balance for the remainder of the day if a person is on a strict 6-meal plan for example. Is this something that can be done, or is FitDay fixed as being a CUMULATIVE ongoing daily list/compilation of all foods eaten which generates a final compounded macro-nutrient count?

2) Another wall I seem to be hitting and either can't figure out or the functionality might not be there, is in regards to activity tracking and input. I do several types of cardio, but they are all custom created/executed to a certain point, meaning in stead of just running @ 5mph linear, I will do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or I will Mountain Bike etc; based on my weight, age, gender, and other factors such as speed and duration I can research almost precisely how many calories I burn (OR I can wear a Polar Heart-Strap and watch which can calculate to the calorie precisely how much energy I expend)... my QUESTION is can I customer create, keep, recall/input exercises much like I have enjoyed and done with the ease of use for the Custom Foods, and enter my own Caloric Expenditures etc?

3) I entered my initial Daily Nutritional Goals, concerning Protein/Fat/Carbs that I must come as close to as possible due to my specific sport and ultimate envisioned results; but I can't find where those goals are tracked or listed anywhere, even at the end of each day on my daily report which I'll print to PDF and hang on the wall as a guide to repeat that days caloric intake, I don't see a line or indicator on the graphs that shows me how close I came to my listed Daily Macronutrient Goals? Am I missing something, or can I make these appear and become more evident, so I can always be aware of not exceeding my allocated allowance for each macro per 24 hours?

THANKS SO MUCH FOR ANY HELP! I have truly fallen in love with this tracking system... if FitDay only offered a Windows Mobile app/software so I could input my foods eaten while on the go, traveling, or abroad, it would be PERFECT! A cell phone is the one thing ALL OF US have available at all times, and in stead of texting or checking Face Book, we could be using a small amount of the time to always be aware and updated on what we're eating and how close we're coming to our goals, without having to come home to our computer in the office and try to remember everything.

Take care!
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Best of luck in all your goals!
*FitDay Fan*
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