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Question Help!! :)

Hey there all you fitdayers
It seems like im a little...stuck. I'm at the last ten pounds (went from 170 to 138, my goal is to be between 125-132 by end of february) but it seems like my body has decided to hate me and stop losing weight. I work out everyday , usually half an hour of cardio and then half an hour of weights/abs/etc. I try to eat quite healthy although sometimes it's a bit impossible given the fact that I live in residence on campus. I cut out any kind of alcohol or fast food and drink tons of water. Is there any tips/tricks to kick off this last ten pounds?
Also, it seems that my hips won't shrink anymore either! I went from around 43 to 38. They're quite muscular but dont want to seem to want to lose any more inches off of there. Are there any activities/exercise that worked for you?
Thank you so much already
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As you approach your ideal weight, the body gets real stubborn about shedding the last few pounds.. You have probably lost enough weight that your calories in/out have reached a balance.

You say your hips are muscular, you may already be at an ideal body fat %. Your school may have athletic testing facilities where you can have it measured. If not, one of the coaches might know where it can be done.

Hydrostatic weighing is the gold standard.
Skinfold takes skill and a large number of measurements are needed for best results.
Electrical impedance (scales or hand held devices) are only accurate for charting changes not absolute levels.
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Is there any tips/tricks to kick off this last ten pounds?
Welcome back to the Forums.

Here's an accumulation of some of the best advice that fellow FitDay members have to offer:

FitDay's Best of Series

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