Exercises for Glutes and Hamstrings

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Default Exercises for Glutes and Hamstrings

Does anyone have any suggestions for effective weight lifting exercises specifically for the glutes and hams? I have been doing deadlifts, leg curls, and lunges, but I am looking to mix it up a bit. I don't have a problem with quads...quite the contrary. It seems like everything I do ends up working the quads. I have tried the leg press as well and really like it, but again...it hits the quads.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I am posting links for Hamstring and Glute exercises at Bodybuilding.com (free site). Lots more knowledge there than I personally have. Hamstrings: Bodybuilding.com - Hamstrings Articles!
Glutes: Bodybuilding.com - Glutes Articles!

Hope you get some good ideas!
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Running, sprint work, etc.

When I started running, my glutes and hamstrings got significantly stronger. They must have gotten visually more pleasing because I got some nice compliments of how I was a flat @ss.

I would definitely recommend mixing up your workouts. Working on the same exercises will only result in a plateau. Perhaps that is what you have hit. Stiff leg deadlifts have me an incredible workout for my hamstrings.

I found this site which may help: Hamstring Exercises

My work computer limits me to an extent but give it a try.

Good luck!
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Try squats. There are dozens of variations with or without weights. Do them barefoot or in the flatest shoes possible. Most athletic shoes are very cushioned in the heel, and you don't want your heel raised up when doing squats because your weight should be back on the heel and you want to drive down through the heel to come back up. Focus on form because with a lot of exercises it is easy to let strong quads do the work and harder to really squeeze the glutes and tighten the hamstrings to activate those muscle groups.
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Originally Posted by Kay_in_PA View Post
Try squats.
Definitely. After many years of doing half-hearted workouts I did my first ever squats workout today and it felt awesome. They do, obviously, work your quads as well, but my glutes are where I'm really feeling it at this point (maybe the quads will be dead tomorrow...). Studying this video really helped me to get the movement right:

Perfect Squat Form Video | SQUAT FORM

For hamstrings I'd maybe try stiff-legged deadlifts or goodmornings. All these exercises have the potential to damage your back so, obviously, start with light weights and get the form perfect.
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Another good site is www.exrx.net. They've got a great library of exercises, check out their list of hamstring ones here: Thigh Exercise Menu

If you're going to try squats, read this page on safety: Squat Analysis

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