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Default Weight Lifting Schedule / Routine?

Does anyone have a quick weight lifting schedule/routine that I can use to keep track at the gym? I don't need anything crazy...just something that I can use a few days a week and get 20-30 mins of lifting in.

Thanks! Ann

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Smile Lifting Schedule

Back in my hey day, I use to split my body parts. You can do push/pull exercises, or like arms/shoulders 1 day, 2nd day back/legs and then repeat that. An example I would on arms = bicep/tricep and shoulder. If I did push/pull I would do chest/back 1 day, bicep/tricep 1 day and legs 1 day. There are all kinds of combos. Hers Fitness is a good magazine, but if you want great workouts buy Muscle & Fitness. Have a nice day.
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If you're looking for a quick workout that still gives maximum returns (toning/weight loss), you'll want compound exercises. Compound exercises are ones that hit multiple muscle groups in one go, so it makes sense they give better bang for your buck.

Here's a quick routine with an "A" day and a "B" day. Just alternate them. Try to increase the weight a little bit each workout: if you don't increase the weight (and therefore the difficulty), your body will STOP ADAPTING and your progress will slow.

Workout A:

Squats -- 3 sets of 5
Bench -- 3 sets of 5
Deadlift -- 1 set of 5

Workout B:

Squats -- 3 sets of 5
Overhead Press -- 3 sets of 5
Bent Row -- 3 sets of 5

I'd recommend using dumbbells for all of the exercises. You should feel difficulty in the last set, and should barely be able to finish the last rep WITHOUT STRUGGLING. If you ever struggle, and by that I mean stall or be unable to finish the motion, drop the weight 5-10 lbs next time.

Doing big exercises will get your metabolism going, and help you turn fat into muscle. If you've never done full-body exercises like this, chances are you'll be dropping sizes faster than you lose weight as your body "tightens" up!

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