My knees ache!


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Default My knees ache!

I've been working out for a little over a month now. For the past week or so, I've noticed my knees aching pretty bad. At no specific time, just periodically throughout the day. I stretch before and after a workout.

Any ideas on knee pain relief due to exercise?
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Elevate, alternately apply ice & heat and take an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, generic) or naproxin sodium (Aleve) for a few days.
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From what you're saying it's possible that there something wrong with your technique in one or more of the exercises in your workout. If you can, get someone experienced to have a look at your techniques.
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Default Knees Ache


Do you have an old knee injury or any form arthritis? I have arthritis and I sometimes have severe knee pains, but I workout six days a week. Are you doing only cardio or strength conditioning cardio? The reason I ask because it burns more calories and there are different techniques you can use to relieve the pressure off your knees, but you would have to tell me if the pain is in the front of your knees or the back.

In addition, get some good workout shoes and if you are working out at least 5 days a week you should change your shoes every three months. Also there is this cheap analgesic gel called Ice Blue, it smells a little, but it does wonders for my knees.

Finally, if your knees are not getting any better you may have to see your doctor. It is difficult to exercise when you are in pain. By the way, the treadmill is not good on knees, you may want to work on the elliptical or bicycle, but strength conditioning burns more calories and tones.

Good luck,
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I agree with m000. I just wanted to add to what they said..also try a knee brace.

I have an old knee injury which always causes pains when I've done certain exercises which puts extra pressure on them.(Walking, jogging, jumping, squats, leg presses etc) I started wearing a knee brace under my pants on both knees when exercising and it helped a lot.
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Originally Posted by michelesree View Post
Hi... I had a best suggestion for knee pain relief exercise sitting in a chair, rest your foot on another chair so the knee is slightly raised. Gently push the raised knee toward the floor using only leg muscles. Hold for 5 - 10 seconds and release. Repeat 5 times on each leg. You will see the best result with in 15days.
OK gt, do your thing.
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Knee Ache is a very common occurrence in many people. This can be a very aggravating and debilitating condition to live with since the knees are one of the largest and most intricate joints of the body. This is commonly caused by inflammation in the joints.

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