No Pain "Gain"?

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Default No Pain "Gain"?

This is going to sound really strange, but I'm mildly concerned that I am not sore the next day from my workouts. I have worked over the last week to amp up the intensity of both my weight lifting and cardio, and really love the new HIIT routine on my cardio.

Oddly, and I think this has been true since I started exercising, I'm not sore the way I remember being back in my 20s the day after working out. I remember that muscle soreness that I thought was my signal that I was doing good work.

I know that I'm eating better than I ever have. In the long, long ago when I used to workout I used to celebrate by a big sack full of Burger King, and now I put a lot of good stuff into my body. Also, I believe I am properly warming up and cooling down in a way I didn't when I was younger. But I don't know if that's doing it or I'm just not working hard enough. I feel like I'm pushing myself hard, but I have to wonder if I really am.

Don't get me wrong. I'm thrilled with the weight loss I'm experiencing, and the appearance of muscles, fighting their way through the fat. I'm not looking to lose faster, or in other ways get faster results. But like in my previous posts, I am looking to make the most of the time I spend working out. Should I expect to be sore the next day? Any thoughts will be appreciated.

happiness and health to you all,

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Hmmm--I'm always sore, even after my little 1 mile walk every day (especially now with the winter boots on--that extra 2 lbs or so on each foot really makes it a workout).

Do you go to total muscle failure (and beyond if you have a spotter) when you lift? That will pretty much guarantee some pain the next day.

In any case, it sounds like you're burning calories, which is great, pain or not.

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I am rarely sore and I always push to failure. For me I believe this is partially due to the amount of protein that I take in that aids in recovery. I am getting stronger, lifting more and my routine changes on a regular basis. There is one calf exercise that ALWAYS gets me sore though, it's miserable.
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I think it is probably a combination of overall fitness and nutrition than a lack of effort. When you have a low fitness level it takes little effort to create to create DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). As your muscles get acclimated to work it takes longer and longer periods of sustained effort to acheive the same level of soreness. As long as you are still seeing strength gains and pushing to failure I wouldn't worry about a lack of effort.
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Hi Matt,

I started running 5 miles two to three times a week about 8 weeks ago and even though the furthest I ever ran before that was about 3 miles, I never got sore. I also thought that was funny but, just like you, I stretch alot after working out and I really think that makes all the difference. plus, I was already quite active before that, so my muscles seem used to working out. Anyways, I have lost belly fat and my thighs have gotten smaller, so i don't think I'm not pushing hard enough, though I might have to up my running to 6 miles soon. I would conclude that not getting sore doesn't necessarily mean that you are not pushing hard enough. What you could do, though, is change up your routine so your muscles don't get "bored".

Best wishes,
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I get sore when I start new lifts. I can "feel" it when I lift heavy but it's a good kind of sore, not a painful one.

When I run on the beach I get get a little soreness in my calves.

You should be able to feel something when you work out but it shouldn't be in pain!
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I usually get DOMS only after changing training routine (and I do train hard, mosty to failure), e.g. changing HIIT to steady cardio and vice versa and employing different weight exercises.
Also it seems to me that cardio actually makes DOMS go away. I've noticed several times skipping cardio and putting weight sessions in a row (but still with gap day) also tends to promote greater soreness.
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Thanks everyone for the responses. I think it may be a bit of sameness of routine and stretching. I think i get less protein than many would recommend, so I don't think i'm getting that benefit. For the last week I have been pushing the weights to failure, and I've pretty dramatically increased the intensity of my cardio routine, but I'm also in a bit of a grove.

I say pain, but i really do mean that good kind of muscle soreness, DOMS I guess it is. I have a kind of limited assortment of machines only for weight training, and other than pushing the weight up there's not a lot of variety there. I definitely notice muscle gains, so that's a good thing as I'm trying to burn fat.

A goal for January is to see if I can move out of the rudimentary gym in my building and sign up at the local Y. I love the idea of having access to free weights, a personal trainer possibly, and classes.

Thanks again everyone!

Be well.
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Originally Posted by denizko
Also it seems to me that cardio actually makes DOMS go away.
I agree.

DetroitBreakdown, IMO, free weights are so much better than circuit machines. And Olympic weights are so much better than Smith machines!
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Being overweight can also be a reason to suffer from body pain. So stay fit to avoid physical discomfort.
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