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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
If you've got any speed building tips, please post 'em. I've been working on incorporating intervals lately thinking that might help.

Originally Posted by mtlgirl View Post
Yes I'd love to hear some tips. I am currently running a 5k in 34 minutes. However I haven't been able to run in over a week now. We have had a giant snowstorm and it's impossible. I am freaking out a little... thinking maybe I should get a gym membership so I could train on the treadmill when I can't run outside.
Tips? Hmmmm.....I've kept my training pretty straight forward- run as much as you can when you can. I try to average 10-12 miles a week during the winter and double that when the weather gets better.

I started training on the tredmill for about 6 months and that's about when the weather got better ad I started to run outdoors before work and down along the river on the weekends.
Just try not to do too much too fast, I found that bit of advice over at the Runner's World forum.

I would also work on my lower half and core with resistance training on my off days.Lots of squats, leg extensions, leg curls, calf raises, lunges etc.
I would also ride my bike on weekends-anywhere from 10-20 mile rides.

Lately I've been using the tredmill at my gym for uphill work- trying to run with the incline set to 8 (Precor tredmill)- I would do this for 10 min or until exhausted and then bring the incline down to 1.5 and start into a run, maybe up to 6.6-7 mph and I would do this for another 10-15min or so and then back to the incline.
I would do this routine for 30-40 min a couple of times a week.

I've been trying to incorporate more hill work because I want to run in a couple of 5k trail runs in the up-coming months. I've ran a few 5k's that had some slight hills and that was frikken killing my calves- 2 of the races I ran had up hill finishes, those were brutal.
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