Does anyone go to Curves?

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Default Does anyone go to Curves?

I began Curves in January and lost some inches, but no pounds.
I like it and don't have a problem going, but I'd really like to see the scale go down. I'm changing my workout routine tonight from 'Fit-n-Trim' to 'Muscle and Strength' in hopes of burning more calories and losing some weight.

I'm 5' 3" and weigh 150 pounds. I'd love to weigh 135 by May as we have a wedding to go to on Catalina Island.

Any good tips?
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I can't make any recommendations about Curves specifically, but you might want to make sure that your diet includes enough protein to take advantage of your workouts.
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Default i used to go to curves

i used to be a member of a curves gym in the uk.
then i also noticed that there wasnt much workout to make me sweat enough and lose or notice any substancial change over time and i decided to join the local fitness center that offered me classes of aquagym , aquaspinning and there was a swimming pool for when i didn`t feel like doing too much and i could really see the results. I also did pilates in there and that helped me a lot, especially shaping me.
Going to a gym where there is all kind of people and not just overweight women, helped me feel more confident i could see how fitness was a lifestyle for many people even couples, whitout being an obsession. and also found new friends to grab a coffee or a herbal tea after exercising
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Hi Jane...I joined curves yesterday on a 2 month membership only. I figure that it's a starting point (gotta start somewhere) and since I'm honestly very unfit it would be best. I enjoy the workout but by talking to the women in there, it doesn't change much, therefore no muscle confusion. Once I'm a little stronger, I'll probably move on to the YMCA but for now...this is great and I think it's going to do exactly what I need right now. Almeeker is right about the protein too and also the clean food..."can't exercise away a bad diet"
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My Curves has what's called Curves smart. It's a card that reads how you're performing and pushes you to do more. It will make the machines harder to work or easier to use depending on your strength.
I've been pushing myself a little harder on the recovery boards now, so I'll see if that helps any.
So far, I haven't gotten bored with it and, since it's only 30 minutes, I can easily fit it in. I guess I'll see how I feel about it after my year membership is over.
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hi i have been going to curves for a year have to change up your cardio routine. at our curves I have been doing a power workout.. push myself on all the machines then do certain cardio on the mats..made a great difference with my inches and weight loss..don't get discouraged.. you probably gaining muscle right now.. it will all come together. I have lost 45 lbs but I have gone down 3 sizes. my weight is not where I want it but getting ready to buy a another pant size smaller is!
good luck!
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I used to go and loved it...great for beginners. Unfortunately at the time they didn't have all the new gadgets. That year, I blew out a knee outside and was told by my orthepedic doctor to stop during physio since I couldn't adjust the tension.

I asked them to defer my membership, which they said they would do with a doc's note, but they never did...I tried going back but their suggestions for my knee caused more pain so I stopped going.

It was too bad because I really enjoyed it...It is funny though because I too lost mostly inches and not much weight...muscle gain maybe?

If you like it stick with it and have fun!
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I did curves for a while. It was really nice visiting with other members and it did get me moving some, but I did not really lose any weight.
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I'm no expert, but common sense (and simple math) shows that cutting calories is much more important than exercise if weight loss is the goal.

FitDay says that I burn just over 100 cals by walking a mile at 3 mph at my current 310 pounds (which I do daily).

A 2 oz. Snickers bar is around 270 calories.

It would take me almost an hour to burn off one candy bar. It takes "no time" to not eat it in the first place. Simple math!

Now, though, if we combine a modest reduction in calories with a modest increas in calorie burn we get the best results--a weight loss AND better fitness (and hopefully an eventual boost in metabolism if we gain muscle).

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