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Default Log your exercice!

Just wonder does this make any sence when i put in my log for the exercices for the BM i put like i seated some mouvement and it show that me been sitting most of the day i actually burn 2 298 cal a day?

I am not sure if i put that stuff in properly i not sure the mile or km when i walk all i know is that i walk for 30 or 40 or 60 min is this matter if i don't put it the rest of the suff...

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The BMR was a little high (200 kcal) for me even after I changed the activity level to the lowest (I work at a computer all day). It used the customization feature after I had established a baseline of calories and weight loss. But the calculated BMR is close for most. I suggest you start with the 2298 number and then re-evaluate after a 2 weeks of tracking intake and weight loss.

When you enter the walking you only need to enter the time after picking the pace. If you want to know the distance (I found it useful calculating my pace) try this web site. It lets you set up a walking route and calculates the distance for you. Running Routes - WalkJogRun
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Exercise logs are beneficial in determining if you are gaining muscular strength and flexibility. If you are trying to get stronger but are not able to do more repetitions or sets, you can see this by reviewing your logs. If you do not record the information, you will just have to guess if you are making specific gains. You owe yourself more than a guess after all of that hard work you have put in.
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