DO exercise in right way

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Smile DO exercise in right way

The right way to exercise is a prerequisite for health, and if you do not have a reasonable exercise, you may hurt your body instead. Before exercising, doing a simple warm-up, that all the muscles are active, it will prevent cramps and other unexpected accidents. Warm-up can also help consume the fat , so it is very necessary. In the exercise, do not half-hearted, pay attention to our own body signal, if we feel very uncomfortable, that we should slow down, adjust our breathing, and have a break, then listen to our body whether need continue or stop.
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I agree with you, before starting the workout always do little warm up session to activate your muscles.
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Yes, warm up before workout will activate your muscles then you can do a better workout.
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Completely true!! i always tell my members to do the correct warm up before hitting the weights! is offline  
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I made an observation at the gym the other day..

When couples go to the gym and work out together, they seem to do a complete split. The guy will go straight to weightlifting and the girl will go straight to cardio. Neither will do the other kind of workout, for some reason.

It is important to understand that a good workout will consist of both cardio and weightlifting. For the guys, a quick 10-minute run on the treadmill is a great way to warm up your body to prepare for a good lifting session. For the women, you will not get bulky by weightlifting! You will get stronger, and more lean. The bulky women you see online or on TV are usually taking extra testosterone!
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I can't agree more. I did the wrong way to hurt my muscles last time, so I will do a wam-up before doing exercise now.
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The best warm up to do before exercising is one that involves active stretching. This is where you put the muscles through a range of motion e.g. leg swings or arm circles. It helps with joint mobility, increases range of motion and warms up the body safely
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Not only is an active warmup necessary, but also the post exercise stretch. So many problems are due to lack of flexibility. By performing a focused post workout stretch of all the major muscle groups, but especially hamstrings and hip flexors, I've seen my clients eliminate lower back pain and knee pain. And of course making sure you are using good form throughout your workout is critical.
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Exercising for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week is important.
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